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Sonic Gloves/Knuckles

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I did a few runs and finally got my sonic gloves after a few attempts at a round of rock paper scissors against the trio haha after finally getting them I was pumped until... I did the Fire Swirl quest to talk to the man in the corner of the item shop but no matter how many times I talked to him there was never an option to convert them to Sonic Knuckles, I even got the gloves again to try but that didn't work. So is it broken, am I the only one with this issue or is there a fix?



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You can also find them on easter eggs, I thought you could only get the sonic knuckles on a japanese quest but I found this http://www.ripplinger.us/camineet/psoscript/centraldomefireswirl.asp It's in the script. You spoke to the right npc?

-Needs to be in the same difficulty.

Yeah I did everything by the books, I don't think it saved on my character though =/ I know it's not an item you can see but I definitely got the gloves!

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