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  1. Yeah I did everything by the books, I don't think it saved on my character though =/ I know it's not an item you can see but I definitely got the gloves!
  2. Howdy, I did a few runs and finally got my sonic gloves after a few attempts at a round of rock paper scissors against the trio haha after finally getting them I was pumped until... I did the Fire Swirl quest to talk to the man in the corner of the item shop but no matter how many times I talked to him there was never an option to convert them to Sonic Knuckles, I even got the gloves again to try but that didn't work. So is it broken, am I the only one with this issue or is there a fix? Thanks Swisher
  3. Thank you the link to the other thread helped me figure it out! Cheers!
  4. Hello people! My brothers and I have begun a nostalgic re-run of PSO and can't stop playing! I'm in Australia and they are in the U.S. but their items appear correct and normal. However for me I see items completely different for the most part! Not sure what the issue is.. for instance instead of Saber it is Gladius, or instead of Angel Mind for me it appears as God/HP. This is quite confusing and very difficult to figure out with items! Please let me know if there's a fix or what the problem is ASAP! Thank you Swisher
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