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Game crashes after accesing bank

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Nearly every second time i want to access my bank, after i was at the Forest or somewhere else (doesn't really matter wehere I was before) the game crashes saying the Client/Server failed to synchronise.

I can't complete any Map without leaving most of the Items in place because everytime i want to sell them and deposit items or meseta afterwards the game crashes.

I would appreciate some help with this issue, Thank you.

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So i should go back with like 29/30 but not 30/30 items?

Guildcard : 42153260

And yes, it happens with all of them.

I don't know what you mean with slot, sry.

And thx for the fast reply!

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Well.. as you said it disconnects you with a Client/Server sync error, after doing a map and your inventories/banks seem fine.

Does it happen if you go to the bank after creating a room?

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First going to bank with 30 items and taking something out most likely causes a dc and item loss, if you disconnect going to bank after going in the room for a while might be an internet issue since you get desync, changing blocks often could help the issue but can't really fix it.

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Well yeah.. is pretty weird.. but as the message says.. you get out of sync for whatever reason... maybe programs using internet in the background, other persons using the same internet connection (this one happens often to me :wacko:).

I didn't ask you, but what's your internet speed? is it enough for all the apps you use and|or other people using the same connection?

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Well.. although pso was made to work in 54 kbit? ... for the needs of these days probably 1 Mbit is not enough to keep many things working (worse if there is more people using the same connection)... give it a try and let us know

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