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Who here reads it?

I'm currently reading: Area D, Sekai Oni, Terror Infinity (Manhua), Deathtopia, and Online. I'm looking for other's that are similar or that I might like based on these, and I'm also willing to give recommendations based on what you like (if I can).

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>>Moved to right section>>

I don't usually read much manga I prefer to watch the animation but i liked how those one's you suggested look like :3

I usually like chill anime, slice of life, or comedy and adventure anime. nichijou/Angel beats/kamisama hajimemashita etc etc

Any suggestions?

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Hmm... I don't know what you mean by chill anime, and I don't really read slice of life or romance, and I'm not familiar with those you named, so I can't really recommend anything based on that. For adventure, you could try: Ares, UQ Holder, Drifters, and maybe Online (Kind of like Sword Art/Log Horizon, but better IMO) . For comedy, you might try: B Gata H Kei (I actually recommend watching the Anime instead, but that's just my opinion). For romance, try: Paradise Kiss, Mermaid Forest(horror romance), and Akuma to Love Song (kind of a drama romance)

If you liked how Area D looked, you might also like Trace. I've read all of it plus Trace 2.0, but unfortunately its at a standstill now :(. There's also Trace: Perfume, which is a kind of a side-story, not related to the main Trace story-line, but I couldn't really get into it.

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