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6th Anniversary Ultima Event.

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It's been six years since the server was started up, as one small project with a big dream on it. Exited to see more than five users online. After the years we have seen how the server has grow. last year we broke a record of most users online ever in ship; we saw a 118 users online. For this year event we don't bring anything new from last year. But this is because we are saving the new thing for the last event of the year. But we want to thanks all the member of ULTIMA, all the people who this possible, the staff, the players, even the trollers lol XD......... thanks to them we have been here for

6 years now! Thanks TO ALL!

now lets cut the cake and enjoy the event.

Thanks everyone and have fun!

Photon D - Core


Sonic Team Armor

Here's a little list of what we included in this event. It's pretty similar to last year's event.

  • Photon D-Core
  • Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag)
  • Sonic Team Armor This item wont be an easy drop
  • Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange
  • Drops x3, for the whole server (see details for dates)
  • Experience x2 (see details for dates)
  • Rare monsters x5 (see details for dates)

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