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PSO Storyline

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A few things to note before you read:

1. This isn't the EXACT story. I don't know every tiny little detail. If you know there's something wrong, message me and I'll fix it

2. This only covers episodes 1 & 2. I don't know the storyline behind 4. If you care to message it to me, feel free.

3. This is actually kind of long. Don't read it if you don't care.

Now, without further delay, let's begin with Episode 1:

After extensive advancement in technology beyond our current reach, the pollution created by the mechanical age of man has caused the earth (Let's assume it's earth, a name is never given) to start to wither and die. Areas of the planet have become uninhabitable to human life, and these areas are growing exponentially. With this crisis at hand, planet earth sent out their bastion of hope: Pioneer 1. This ship had been sent after a planet that had been determined to be habitable by humans. The ship contained mostly soldiers, sent out purely to scout the planet in hopes that it could be humanities' new home. Ragol is the planet they found. At first, when soldiers were sent to scout out Ragol, almost none of the animals were hostile. Reports including the wildlife status and habitability of the planet were sent back to Earth. They saw promise in Ragol, and sent out another ship, one almost entirely full of the first group of people hoping to settle on the surface. Before their arrival, a large explosion occurred suddenly, and all contact with pioneer 1 was lost.

When Pioneer 2 arrived, Pioneer 1 was missing in it's entirety. The structures that were created on Ragol were perfectly fine, however there was nothing to be seen of those who created them. They soon set down troops to the surface of the planet, however unprepared for what they faced. The creatures on the surface of Ragol, unlike the reports given to them by pioneer 1, were hostile and soon killed most of the troops they sent. The hunter's guild soon started giving jobs to hunters to explore the planet and find out what happened. That's when you come in.

The protagonist's first destination is the Central Dome, the base of operations for Pioneer 1 operatives who were on the surface of Ragol. There you find the dragon that attacked you, with no new leads on what happened. The second location is an underground cave system. You find the De Rol Le, an experiment Dr. Osto, one of the scientists on Pioneer 1, was working on. It escaped into the sewer system and would have gotten much stronger had it reached the ocean. (Wink wink, Barba Ray) Next is a set of mines, where Dr. Osto's research took place. Finally it's the Ruins. The ruins have much more backstory than any other location. The ruins is in reality a space ship launched from an ancient planet that acts as a prison for Dark Falz. You fight him, defeat him, and save Pioneer 1. However, he was originally released when Heathcliff Flowen and Red Ring Rico fought him. That's the end of Episode 1.

Now, before we continue to Episode 2, there's some things we need to discuss. Mainly, Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen. These two were personnel originally found on pioneer 1. After the explosion happened on the surface of Ragol, they were stranded without any communications with anyone but each other. They went through the same areas as the protagonist, with Rico leaving the capsules you find. Messages to explain their story and help an unfortunate adventurer along. They went through all 4 areas, finding and fighting Dark Falz. They, however, lost. Rico was killed, her soul stolen by Dark Falz. Flowen escaped, however not without injury, as the Del virus had infected him via. a wound inflicted by Falz. This begins Episode 2.

7 years have passed since the events of Episode 1. With signs of life mutated by an unknown contagion, the hunter's guild have continued the process of hiring hunters to explore Ragol. The VR Temple and Spaceship are tests laid out by the president of Pioneer 2 to find hunters capable of doing the job. When you arrive on Ragol, you're on an island named Gal Da Val. This island had a large number of facilities on it, and your job is to investigate an organism much larger than the other inhabitants of the island and seek access into the nearby facility. After using 3 access panels, one in the seaside area, one in the mountains area, and one in the jungle area, you return to Pioneer 2, and are given a task. This task is to explore a seabed facility found by Pioneer 2. This facility houses a large number of deadly creatures, as well as the Olga Flow in a shaft that was meant to be a disposal area. You defeat him and head home. This concludes Episode 2.

Flowen, after getting injured by Falz, found his way to Dr. Osto's facility on Gal Da Val island. There, in the Seabed facility, he gave himself to Dr. Osto to study. His injury had begun to grow, as the Del virus was growing within him. Instead of notifying the other members of Pioneer 1 about the threat the Del virus posed, he began to take samples of it and started testing. He used the samples of the virus on various wildlife samples, to a dangerous conclusion. Eventually, he took his testing further, allowing Flowen's body to be merged with an AI, dubbed Olga, and the wound fused with it. The result of this ended up being Olga Flow.

This is where our story ends. I'll be putting up a passage on Episode 4 in the instance in which someone decides to explain that to me, but I think even less people know the story behind Episode 4 than 1 & 2. It really is an amazing game. I hope you've all enjoyed. Thank you.

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If I'm not mistaken, Flowen was infected with the "Del" virus. It comes from Dark Falz and alters creatures into dark, "Del" creatures. The Dimenions in ruins are mutated Booma type enemies, and Delsabers may have been the bodies of the hunters from Pioneer 1, hence the shield and sabers and their 3-hit combo (their faces appear on the ground when Falz appears) and Del Rappies are mutated rappies, etc. Del creatures are also possessed by Falz and follow its will. Flowen was slowly being converted into a Del creature, and I believe that Dr. Osto attempted to save him using the Olga AI, which somehow ended up merging with Flowen to become Olga-Flow (he's basically a souped up, giant Delsaber). Olga was one of the three AI's brought to Ragol by the crew of Pioneer 1. Olga, Vol Opt, and Calus. You dispatch Vol Opt yourself, and you help Elly save Calus.

I can't remember much else right now, but there's also the whole subplot involving Kireek, Sue, Bernie, etc. I think I recall something about the government on Pioneer 1 knowing about Dark Falz being on Ragol, and it secretly being their plan all along to go to Ragol for the purpose of freeing Falz.

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Seems Legit :onion-head11:

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That actually does make quite a bit of sense, I'm gonna research into the topic and see what I can find. If I'm looking at it correctly, that could also imply the gran sorcerers to be forces and the Belras to be rangers, however I can't see where that puts bringers or gunners into the situation. If you want to, message me and we can discuss it. That does however seem like a really good point and I'd like to include that.

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I was under the impression that pioneer 1 was fine-ish sent a message to pioneer 2 saying all this base are belong to us, then pioneer 2 was like cool, we prepare make your time, then pioneer 1 was like someone set up us the bomb and pioneer 2 was like what happen? .... take off every hunter you know what you doing, move hunter for great justice!

And there was a bunch of scientists on pioneer 1 which was under martial law from what it looks like. Flowen had the wound but gave his body to research if they promised to send word to pioneer 2 not to come to the planet they promised but didn't keep it they went down to the sea floor which was a disposal site for failed experiments and fused flown with it being olga, why take a failed AI and fuse with someone I may never know and he eventually became olga flow, the reason to researching Flowen was because Flowen was contaminated with a parasitic gene from dark falz which makes the wounded victim become evil and possibly become another dark force/falz where as a dark force is just a demon spawn of the ooze from phantasy star 4 meaning dark forces are only pawns back to the point- take this gene and fuse with weapons to create their own legendary type of weapons since there's ancient myths about legendary items from long ago (phantasy star 2?) and this is where we get Darkflow, Darkmeteor and Darkbridge which could possibly end up corrupting/infecting the owner of the weapons in time. While a scientist from phantasy star universe claims that long ago an ancient civilization created their own synthetic photons and photon spheres that was made of an unknown substance but is led to believe that these man made photons lead to the death of this civilization, as you explore the ruins of this civilization he also states that the ruins seem to be some sort of warning and they they're not welcome there.

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That's making implications based off of the content of other games which may or may not be related. For this storyline, I'm not going to be making assumptions and instead I'll be just going at it with what's learned from PSO itself.

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Text in blue is quoted from the psobb official community site (100% accurate, Blue Burst only)

Gold Text is what I copied from wiki's (double checked on wiki's as well as double checking Phantasy Star playthroughs on youtube)

Text in red only applies to blue burst

Text in green is what I'm assuming, Please note that things in green cannot be proven in any way!!!! I did the best I can to explain what I think the story is and to separate facts from my opinions.

You'd think since they made all these games they'd be related >.> unless they value game play over stories like Zelda does. But I think in all cases these types of "photons" and "photon based technology" weather it be from some ancient civilization like the ruins in both PSO and PSU seem to be some link between some old civilization in both games or they newly discover a type of energy source and come to learn that some ancient civilization (ruins) already learned about this technology and somehow they no longer exist to our knowledge (in both games) as for 100% sure ruins or the sealed away dark force that remains trapped within and acts as a sort of burial site.

-Pioneer 1's research team was headed by Dr. Osto Hyle, and was charged with study and experimentation of Ragol's native wildlife, including genetic engineering.

-During the initial colonization, they set up an underground facility in order to study previously-unknown energy dynamics. Also, Dr. Hyle set up another facility on Gal Da Val Island, away from the Central Dome, for the purposes of carrying out bioengineering experiments.

-It is believed that the energy experiments were part of the homeworld's plan all along, but that Dr. Hyle conducted the large-scale biological experiments on his own accord, outside of any project guidelines approved by Coral.

-It was eventually discovered that "Photons" in the atmosphere were responsible for binding the universe together. In other words, all forms of energy in the atmosphere could be grouped together to form "Photons."

-One of the most revolutionary devices in the history of mankind was the Photon Generator, which was able to take raw atmospheric energy and reduce it down to its particulate nature in order to extract Photons.

-One event that accelerated the development was a meteor impact, which caused a tremendous earthquake.

-Which has happened on PSO both Ragol and Coral which is the old planet as well as psu

-Cells of previously-undiscovered lifeforms were detected on the surface of the meteor, and from those cells, a previously-undiscovered form of energy was detected. This unexplainable phenomenon was termed the "D-Factor."

-D-Photon Core? Parasitic Cell Type D? Parasitic Gene 'Flow'? D-Factor = Dark-Factor?

-The Photons that were produced by artificial means had no "will" to them, and were simply pure energy. The D-Factor, however, did seem to have a sort of "will," as if its very nature were urging it to evolve into something else.

-Dark Force? Dark Falz? Infect them to eat at them or take over their thoughts or will until they succumb to the Dark Force?

-Kind of like Rico did while you were doing a government mission in the ruins and she warned you to leave or there will be dire

consequences? Consequences like spreading the parasites to making everyone else suffer from the dark force?

-We already know that the natives of the planet (Ragol) are very aggressive and you can see the evil sharks from the caves in ruins that they seem to be transformed into a dark being, and I'm assuming eventually into a Goran. And boomas tend to evolve into bartles as well as ba bootas, and is it just me or does the Astarks tend to have the same attack patterns as the Hildelts?

-We also know that nobody from pioneer 1 can be found when you get there. Possibly because Rico, Flowen and their team opened pandoras box and lets out dark force fights it and stuff happens. I'm also assuming that the box in front of the monolith is Pandora's box.

-The most stunning property of D-Factor’s effects on natural and artificial lifeforms alike was its ability to infect, fuse, divide, transmit, and interfere with functions. Despite competition between varying organizations in their research, mankind's unlocking the secrets of the D-Factor is still far off. "Emotional AI" was developed for the expressed purpose of controlling the D-Factor; life forms that become infected with the D-Factor are known as D-Cellular Life forms.

-Guess we know why the AI Olga was made...

-Photon Technology had become indispensable in ensuring the future of the human race, and yet science itself had not been responsible for these advances.

-The meteor impact on Coral... The discovery of the D-Cells on the meteor... The discovery of the D-Factor within those cells, which so resembled Photons...

-Science demanded, "We must investigate these D-Cells from the meteor if ever we are to find the true nature of Photon Energy!"

-An excuse to research it to further use for their greedy plans? Make powerful weapons and become the most powerful nation and rule the world?

-However, as might be expected, the varying expectations of different factions (the government, the military, scientific institutions) were mixed. Unlocking the secrets of Photon Energy and developing new artificial life forms could conceivably lead to world domination. Under the surface, while each group continues to vie with one another, struggling for true control, things go deeper than anyone had ever expected. The people of Coral did not choose Ragol by chance. Something on Ragol chose them…


-In all Phantasy Star games Dark Force is either fought or infects someone and becomes Dark Falz now lets take a look at the games... Phantasy Star 1 Dark Falz ok so Returning to the governor's mansion, they learn that the governor himself had been possessed by the Dark Force... Dark Force into Dark Falz. What about Phantasy Star 2? so they have monsters spawned by Mother Brain (infected by dark force?) but somehow it ended up in a box (Pandora's box?) on the spaceship Noah . It is safe to ASSUME that it was behind the humans' plan to destroy Algo. It realized part of this plan with the destruction of Palm. They seek out Mother Brain which is the machine that took human DNA and mixed it with monster DNA and created the Newman or Nei First she was supposed to seek out mates and reproduce and take over the unworthy or not so perfect human race since they couldn't use techniques or magic.

-If you play PSO please notice that all humans have some sort of mechanical arm device I'm assuming these are there to help humans tap into their technique using ability though not as strong as Newmans.

-The seven linked worlds are actually separate, huge compartments of a spaceship, named the Alisa III - after the female protagonist of Phantasy Star I, Alis Landale. It's had a number of its systems go offline, and you and your descendants work to repair it. But Phantasy Star III's real place in the universe's timeline only becomes apparent by visiting a skippable town in the game's third and final act.

-On the west side of Frigidia, one of the seven worlds, there is a town on an island accessible only by air, called New Mota. The people there are "the keepers of our people's history", they say (US release):

We're the descendants of the people of Palm, a planet that once circled the distant star Algo. Palm was destroyed by an evil being that haunts us every 1,000 years, bringing death and ruin. This evil incarnate is known as Dark Force! And yet again Dark Force manages to destory another ship load of people? oh wait thats a whole planet? i wonder how many people died?

-The people of Palm were thinkers and creators. They knew of the plans made by the evil being. When the vile Dark Force stirred 1,000 years ago, preparations were made to escape from Palm. Our ancestors built a fleet of 400 spaceships.

-Ok so not all of them died then, i wonder if they all survived or if only some of them did?

-This armada escaped the destruction of Palm and set off into space to find a new homeland. Our ancestors thought they had at last escaped from the clutches of the undying master of evil. But Dark Force managed to slip aboard a ship. It destroyed all but one of our sister ships before Orakio and Laya trapped it on Alisa III. Now there are only two ships left of our fleet: our ship, the Alisa III, and the Neo Palm.

-Remember neo palm gets blown up later on

-Other references: The "word of power" in the game is "Nei", the name of a critically important character in Phantasy Star II. The Nei Weapons are inherited from the characters of PS II, though it's never explained how. From their spirits? well Japan loves their spirituality?

-Aron is the only one of Rhys' descendants to have his own unique walking sprite. The other descendants are just palette swaps of Lyle or Rhys' sprites. Hmmmm possibly this is the one offspring they intended to have for the phantasy star series?

Phantasy Star 3? Aron: Aron is the main character IF Nial marries Alair. (which they do on the timeline) He lives on Dahlia with his parents, his uncle Lune, and cousin Kara. At the beginning of his generational storyline, his people come into contact with a ship known as Neo Palm (this is Palma from Phantasy Star II) and witness it's destruction at the hands of unknown forces. Woa so your telling me the this entire race was wiped out from Dark Force? As for the paragraph above guess I was right then?

-Did I mention that Phantasy Star 3 Dark Force is in Pandora's Box? Wow that's a whole lot of Pandora's Boxses's I think maybe there's a connection?

-In Phantasy Star 4 On their way to rescue Demi from Zio, the group comes upon a partially destroyed town, Nalya. They're informed that the town was devastated by a falling object located to the west of town. The group comes upon another structure from an advanced civilization. Inside, they find malfunctioning robots and information about the structure itself. It seems that it's a remnant of a ship from the survivors of Parma (Palma? Parm? Palm? does anyone ever put 2 and 2 together? it makes 4 by the way) that never made it to Motavia and died during the ship's orbit of the planet for 1,000 years. So even more death and the end of a shiploads worth of people at least? Pioneer 2 is a ship yes?

-In the very bottom of the basement the group finds large test tubes with peculiar monsters growing in them. After defeating a large, unknown monster the group goes back to the headmaster, and confront him about his knowledge of the problem.

-He informs the team that the monster outbreak does in fact stem from the structure they're in, Bio Lab.

Bio lab? monsters growing in containers? biological engineers? Pioneer 1's research team was headed by Dr. Osto Hyle, and was charged with study and experimentation of Ragol's native wildlife, including genetic engineering? Dr. Hyle set up another facility on Gal Da Val Island, away from the Central Dome, for the purposes of carrying out bioengineering experiments? hmmmm

-Kuran was meant to never be functional (satellite sending bad orders to planetary control systems and making things attack people) but something happened where it suddenly came online and overtook Zelan's position in the chain of system's control.

First some ship goes randomly haywire and crashes into a planet for some unkown reason (dark force?) and now this happens for some unknown reason? (dark force?) (at this point i'm thinking huh? I guess dark FORCE is really living up to its forceful name eh?)

-However, on the way the ship is sabotaged by an agent of Dark Force. Wren says that he'll be able to manage a crash landing on Dezolis. Oh dang i was right lol, yay me

-They find a large spaceship. They discover that the ship is named the "Landale" after the legendary heroine, Alis Landale. coincidence? maybe the game designers just like connecting the games together through sharing names?---

the group embarks to the artificial satellite, Upon reaching the main control console, they encounter what Rune reveals as Dark Force. (attached to the console) oh so i guess dark force really is capable of corrupting and/or controlling computers / AI's

-Rune explains to Chaz that there has been a cycle in the Algo system where catastrophes occur every 1,000 years due to the appearance of Dark Force. Every thousand years a hero would appear and defeat Dark Force to bring peace to Algo and restore the balance. ok so 1000 years and it comes back but its sealed in a box, still could be that it keeps infecting people to the point their like ok this is bullshit we have to stop being dumbasses and stop messing with the D-Foce and just seal it up i a box some where and forget about it and when you open Pandora's box on PSO you'll see the souls on the floor and in the air of people of Pioneer 1 and before so this could support my it infects multiple people THOERY. I guess there's no telling if the cycle can be broken?

-Rune continues to explain that due to the destruction of Parma a thousand years ago the balance of the Algo system was weakened. And yet another shipload of people die?

-4th planet is hidden and has an orbit that cycles close to Algo every thousand years. Le Roof claims that long time ago there was 1 being who split into 2 (Light and Dark) and fought the victor (Light) banished the other (Profound Darkness) to another dimension and every thousand years the seal would greatly weaken and the Profound Darkness which is filled by Evil and all it stands for (named in game by hate ((for all life?)) and desire for revenge) the people of Argo was born to protect this seal over time it was known they'd forget their mission so the 4th hidden planet was made and to cycle every thousand years as well.

-Ok so the Profound Darkness may or maynot be completely gone, But since it has spawned quite a few Dark Forces arround the ships and other planets as youll find out from PSO and PSU so i guess it's hard telling just how many were spawned and sent out.


-Since Dark Force spawns in all Phantasy Star games I think its very clear that these evil things that cause trouble start as Dark Force (Some type of Force of Darkness or a form of parasite that Forces people into Darkness?) and ends up corrupting people and apparently AI's as well as you'll see through the game and if we scroll back to Phantasy Star 2 whenever someone gets attacked by Dark Force it says xxx has become evil.... hmmmm is it just me or does all this seem to be VERY coincidental? (at this point I'm thinking to my self OUCH I SOUND LIKE A MEAN PERSON, well I'm not trying to) Even IF all Phantasy Star games are their own and have nothing to do directly in terms of stories or worlds they do share the whole Dark Force thing going on and Dark Falz is a host being taken over by Dark Force except in Olga Flows case which has 2 hosts Heathcliff as well as the AI which is double trouble... (thx ill be here all week)

-From all this I'm assuming that this type of parasite or Dark Force ends up consuming people it comes physical in contact with in other words ourselves when we fight Dark Force or those who fight Dark Force are destined to become a Dark Falz themselves if they manage to survive long enough for it to take over by the parasites or Force seeing how Heathcliff was only wounded by Dark Force in their first fight and still becomes Olga Flow so if this is true then we headed back to Pioneer 2..... maybe that's why the entire pioneer 1 is gone... and maybe pioneer 2 will be as well when PSU comes around in terms of story line? maybe the ruins in PSU is made from us on pioneer 2 in the future of this story?

-It also seems to me that Dark Force is able to control people through manipulation such as promising them power or later where on Phantasy Star 4 you were offered power since you can increase your own power through harnessing your own hatred blah blah, i would consider Dark Force a type of interdimensional creature that feeds (survives) and reproduces through the mind a very sinister creature for sure that reproduces through actions, anger, hate, revenge, blood thirty and clawing for power and there are people arround like that it just so happens that Dark Force comes across them and they agree to Dark Force becomes possessed without knowing and becomes Dark Falz or gains power to hinder the main characters of the game.

-Ok but you still want to completely ignore everything I'm saying because PSO is its own game and has no history what so ever with the other Phantasy Star games?

-Allow me to share with you then the yearly calendar system. We have 3 dates of which the Series takes place.

SC which is Space Century, EY which is Earth Year and AW which is After the Wheather affects on earth which ensures its uninhabitability

-Hmmm i wonder why earth year is here and why anyone among the phantasy star series would know or even bother using earth years or the fact that they know about earth wheathering catastrophe and bother to use dates based on it, coincidence?

-Start with something easy

-But speaking of "Seek my Master," the story it contains gives further support to the idea of a AUW 3084 date for Phantasy Star Online. The Tekker in this quest shares the story of three blacksmiths whose families were executed by a king. In vengeance, the three blacksmiths and one of their pupils each forged a sword "said to have the power to destroy a planet."

Sword Blacksmith Forged

Sange Jou'un AUW 1963

Orotiagito Dousetsu AUW 1975

Kamui Tengai AUW 1977

Yasha Kikoku AUW 2018

-These dates indicate that the swords were forged in the years between Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star IV -- a technology-free era that would certainly be in line with the story of their origin. Further, the story and the dates it contains gives further weight to AUW 3084 being the date of Phantasy Star Online. At the time of Phantasy Star IV, the oldest of the swords, Sange, would have been 321 years old. By then it would have been a historical artifact, but by AW 3084, even the youngest of the swords is over 1,000 years old, which by that time certainly classifies them as "legendary swords."

-Now if you look at the community site it says we made contact with Ragol with Pioneer 2 in year AW 3084 and have yourself a looksee through here


-Since we have established that Phantasy Star Online takes place sometime post-PSIV, can we give it a more exact date than that? After all, we know that PSIV takes place in AW 2284, and that PSI takes place in Space Century 342. Can we give Phantasy Star Online a date on the Algoian calendar?

-Yes, we can, but we can't be as certain of this as we are that we're in the post-PSIV world. Go to the game's sound test and you'll find that the music that plays when you are in the Hunter's Guild is titled "Crossing 3084." A date of AW 3084 would be exactly 800 years after Phantasy Star IV, and that certainly seems to fit in with everything else we know of the date.

-Except it might be more accurate to list the date of PSO as AUW 3084. Though PSII and PSIV use the AW dating convention, the quest "Seek my Master" lists several dates and prefaces all of them with AUW. I do not believe that this implies PSO uses a different calendar than the other games, however; AW and AUW are certainly similar enough to be considered the same, just as with Palma/Palm/Parma, etc.

-If you would like to give a good read through of the timeline takes yourself a whirlydid of a look all up through here (instead of whirly do, thx ill be here all week)



With all this stated I guess that PSO really is tied to the other Phantasy Star games and that perhaps the PSO time and what happens then and there can be a bit different they share Dark Forces and Falz and Pandora's Box. I will mention that people have made legendary weapons in previous games and that could be the same type of weapons as dark flows and whatnot but they could be holy weapons like double cannon, Mercurious rods? or even Real Flowen's Sword his body and SOUL went into forging it, also i noticed xxx rings were of devine protection against the Profound Darkness. But my theory is since we make weapons out of the Dark Gene (Parasitic gene flow i mean common it has to be dark gene if it drops of a dark falz type boss 2+2 people!) and ends up currupting people and everyone eventually dies on that ship and the story continues from another ship.

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wow nice post! gotta say im impressed on your knowledge @Maya & @Azeras

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The one thing I'm going to be arguing against that though is that you're citing a wiki and a community site. Besides, as previously stated, I'm not using information that may or may not be true from other games. The issue with that is that it it's referencing a different game, all theories are thrown out of the window. Besides, Dark Force and Dark Falz are the same thing. Dark Falz is merely a mis-translation.

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I'd forgotten about all the PSO stuff that was added to PSU later in its life. The Forest, Caves, Mines and Ruins, as well as Boomas, Goboomas, and Gigoboomas being added. And Delsabers were rare enemies in the Ruins, and Dark Falz being the final boss to replace Dulk Fakis (or whatever he was called). There was also little easter eggs, like if you looked straight up at the sky from Forest, you could see Pioneer 2 above you.

If I recall correctly, those 4 pso missions/levels were "rare" and would only appear at certain times/events, but I can't remember the story behind why. I do remember there being "VR" missions that were also based in those pso areas that included "VR" character versions of Dr. Montage, Kireek, Sue, etc.

I can't remember now, but it seems like Sega was attempting to bridge the stories of PSO/PSU, and elaborate on what exactly happened after the events of PSO, but man that was so long ago and I was already having trouble keeping interest in PSU when all this stuff started happening. And while this info comes from outside of PSO, I think it should be considered when attempting to learn all of PSO's story since Sega really did try to add onto the PSO canon via PSU.

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