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Starks TradeList

Stark 1

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Offers ONLY


(Charge) Flowens Sword 30/40/0/0/30

Hell Raygun 40 hit

Hell raygun +15 40 hit

Earth wand Brownie

Angel Harp 0/0/40/25

rainbow baton 45 hit

cannon rouge 50 hit

daylight scar 0/35/0/35/35

Baranz Luacher 30 hit

Mercurius rod


Charge luancher 50 hit

Sonic knuckle

Crazy tune

Rage De Feu (idk stats)

Panzer fuast 0s

L&k38 combat 15/0/0/0

Anti Androis rifle 0s

summit moon

gal wind

Stealth Sword 0/45/0/0

rainbow baton 0/0/0/50/50

Master Sword 0/0/0/50


Kasami Bracer

From The Depths

Virus Shield : Vol opt

Guard Wave

Morning Prayer

Hylian Shield x2

Virus Armor : Lafuteria

Bunny Ears

Cat Ears

flame garmet

Secret Gear

Blue Odishi violet nimaidu

lieutenant gear

De Rol Le Shield

Attributte Wall

Smoking Plate

Brightness Cirlce

ANgel Ring

Infantry Mantle

Black ring





v501 x2



h/battle x2

centuration power x7

God Teq

SwordsMan Lore

Yasakani Magatama

Godric Ability


zalure 30

Shifta 29

Mags ( Ask for PB , don't know them by Memory)

CHAO 21/0/11/142

Tellusis 13/80/3/0

Angels Wing 22/160/7/1

Sato 6/60/45/0

Devils Wing 12/126/16/0


pow mats 3

hp mats 3

Magic Rock Moola

Heart Of Morolian

S beat Arms

Amplifire of red

Photon crystal x 7

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