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Found 8 results

  1. PSO crashes about every 5 times I do RT. It only crashes during the loading sequence upon first entering the seaside area after beating gol dragon. An error message pops up saying something like "PSOBB.exe has crashed" Please help!
  2. Guildcard: 42099830 Character: slot 1 Date: : between 9/10/2014 and 10/28/2014 Hi, my name in game is Famine and here's my problem. About 2 years ago my main character "Death" who id finally got to 200 got rebooted to lvl 1. I did address the problem but nothing could be done at the time. so I moved on, created a new character and shortly after stopped playing altogether. Now I'm back (can't really get away from this game now) and I'd like for my efforts to not go to waste is there a way to retrograde my character before the glitch happened. PS: Haven't played with that character ever since as to not pile up hours.
  3. Well I really can't figure this one out. PSO was working great for me before, but I ran into issues when I reinstalled Windows 10 and went to play PSO again. Now, every time I get to the character select screen, the game thinks my "up" arrow is held down. This of course results in having to play roulette with the menus in the game. What's weird is that this glitch only affects PSO, it's only within the menus, it only happens once I get to the character select, and I've already tried doing a fresh install of PSO. Any ideas??
  4. Boss Bug

    My friends and I are playing on mines normal difficulty at the boss. after 2 screens left and center piece dropped the boss just stopped showing up. Time 11:49PM CST. Players: Talia - 1st slot - 42147962
  5. I've noticed a surge of rollback requests, and it has me a little concerned. Is it known what causes these accounts to become glitched? Is anything being done to try to fix it? It seems like a lot of time/effort could be saved on both the players and GMs end if these issues are fixed. I know that we should keep updated screenshots of our inventories, but besides that are there any real preventive measure we can take to avoid glitched characters? Are there certain actions that are associated with getting bugged accounts? I'm lucky I haven't gotten bugged characters in all the time I've been playing here, but I pray it stays that way.
  6. NPC glitch. HELP!

    Hi, Today i was trying to change my skin for a npc skin, but my character got bugged, couldn't move in lobby and didn't see others. I went to dressing room to reset appearence and then typed /npc 0, but my skin color changed permanently >.< I'm wondering if some gm can turn my skin color back to the number 2, since there is no Full dressing room... My Character Name: Lutz Slot: 01 My Guild Card: 42100949 Thanks in advance.
  7. Common Bank Glitched

    Hey recently my common bank glitched, where i can put stuff into it put i cannot take it out. I've tried taking it out and every time i get disconnected, (on all four of my accounts on different days) any help at all is appreciated.

    Earlier this morning, nothing was wrong. Get back on about twelve hours later: Missing weapons/items out of my inventory and storage/bank. What do I do now? I do believe this is one of many bugs in the game. Does it return to normal? Or what? I need help, badly. Please. I'll include my GuildCard#/Name [/img][/img][/img] I just checked to see if common bank had things left inside. It did. I tried to get them out [three items] and as I was getting Frame out it froze. And I saw an item called "????". What does that mean?