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  1. As a new player to the Ultima Server of Blue Burst, My re-location here was due to the fact that Schthack server, Had at some point lost a good majority of players data. So - All my own time that I spent over at Schthack's server, Grinding, Building rare mags, and the hundreds of countless of "red" ( what are considered Rare), Drops, Which included armors and weapons, Even ones that I could not use. So - Here I am - starting anew, reached level 35 , But starting to feel dissatisfied with game-play, I do run into , What are known as "rare" monsters , Rappy's , Etc. Yet - Not a single rare drop yet, Let alone trying to raise another rare mag all over again. Maybe its the fact that I was used to having all sorts of rare drops, I mean realistically by now , At least I would of acquired a DB sword or two, But not even that yet? Maybe it's something I am missing? Or - Is there a level requirement for being able to start acquiring "rare" and or " Unique" items? As it stands, Its not fun at all, very dissatisfying, I dunno it seems to me that this server is somewhat ...... Lacking.
  2. Hi guys! This is my first time playing Phantasy Star Online. I hope we can play together if anyone is interested.
  3. I lost 2 of my No0b/Hps today when taking them out of the common bank I got disconnected and upon logging back in the items were gone. Can anyone help me? Guild Card: 42162276 Character slot: 4
  4. Ok so i never played with Hunters and decided to play now. So i have a Hucaseal around Level 68 and i need to know what weapons/armor should i be focus on getting to help me in all dificulties.
  5. Hello everyone~ Just been to this server for a week and love here very much (especially the Best GM Cyane!!! hahahha). Finding here have been developed long time, would like to play here as a perm player. Please pm me to level/hunting together in game. Main Character: DE_CHYMO, DEMONCHY The following will write in Chinese for finding any people coming from my place haha. 有華人要一起玩嗎? 很久沒碰PSOBB了,有興趣的pm我吧。
  6. It's that time again! Noob Game show 2 is about to begin! N-O-O-B-G-A-M-E KOI KOI yeah that was just done anyways the first 10 people who post in this thread and report to block 2 lobby 11 will get to play the game show. Here are the prizes for the game show. 1st place prize - 35 hit slicer of fanatic, and 15 pds 2nd place prize - 20 pds people in Claire Tank Suro Makoto cancelled due to no one really caring that much lol. I'll try it again tomorrow or something
  7. Alrighty, lets have ourselves a little impromptu mini-event. This game show will be approx. 30 minutes of time and these will be the prizes. 1st place: 15 dts - Blaz won but opted for Proof of Sonic team instead of 15 dts 2nd place: 50 pds Mayt3 won 3rd place: nothing To enter this mini-event, be one of the first 10 people to respond to this, and be online in lobby 11. Registration closed. was fun, will have to do it again sometime payout proof:http://imgur.com/VxEa25l,CUitqUQ#0
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