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Found 6 results

  1. Windows Security picked up the psobblauncher, this evening. Anyone experience something similar?
  2. If anyone's having problems with the launcher not able complete its auto update, Windows Defender might be stopping it (should appear as a notification that Windows Defender is removing the malware). Sign in to your administrator account Open up Windows Defender, and go to settings. Under exclusions, click "Add an exclusion" Exclude your Ultima PSOBB folder. It's default location after installing it will be in your C: drive. Now you should be able to use your launcher without being an administrator, but while you're in your admin account, you might as well try using th
  3. So as I was downloading the installer from YOUR website, no one else's, my antivirus stopped a Trojan.Gen.81Cloud file from getting through, along with several files. Though your disclaimer says you're not responsible for damages done to hardware or software, this drive-by attempt was from your website. Should I even bother to hope that I can enjoy some nostalgia without getting completely fucked over?
  4. >>Easter is here once again! The sweet event everybody was waiting!<< Our Egg Rappies will be dropping: -Ashura Mag Cell -Comander Blade -Centurion/Mind -Some server collection items like GAME MAGAZINE or MARINA'S BAG! And many other items in different difficulties... Olga Flow will be dropping Kroe's Sweater and Samurai Amour. Virus Shield: Vol Opt once again! And our most wanted and waited items are back! Proof Of Sonic team Abuelita/Battle Centurion/Mind Sue's Coat Godric's Cloak Finally our commemorative weapon returns! Celebrating the over 1
  5. EasterVIRUS is Here in Ultima a month full of fun and joy. During the entire month we will have some cool stuff to all, we will include THE MINI EVENT OF THE OVENMITTS <--LINK Egg Rappy, will be dropping the Ashura Mag Cell, Comander Blade, and few Ultima Server Collection item, GAME MAGAZINE And this year for the first time the Easter egg in ULTIMATE will be dropping different items than any other difficulty. And MoRE... Olga Flow will be dropping KROE'S Sweater and also, after almost 3 years Samurai Armor. The mini events... this year will be hosted by the the ovenMitts t
  6. New Shield in server VIRUS SHIELD:Vol Opt. VIRUS SHIELD:Vol Opt. DFP+ 130 EVP + 168 - 198 ATA + 10 EFR + 10 ETH + 10 EIC + 10 EDK + 10 ELT+ 10 Special: Increase 20% all GI techs. The shield is in special drops at the moment. And will remain like that for the rest of the month. and the drops will reamain in secret until next month. details about the new item. The main event for the new shield will be on April. until then no drops will be reveled. Skind credits: @kajex Build skin files credits: @Lee
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