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Found 3 results

  1. looking for a spirit garment of a brightness circle would be even better c; dont have too much pds
  2. Hoi! Magic Rock "Heart Key" is dropping for this event and I've seen plenty of people wanting to make items from it. Getting an Invisible Guard for Safety Heart is easy enough from BPD1 (rappy route - hard) but some folk seem to be struggling to get the Spirit Garment to make the Love Heart/Sweetheart. You can hunt it from several enemies but the drop rate isn't too great. For all you folk that have been spamming Sim 2.0 (EP 1 - multimode - ultima) THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!!! Sim 2.0 is only available on ultimate btw. Finishing the run gives you "secret tickets" (you also sometimes get them for finishing stages within the run. I usually end up with about 4 or 5 per run) but what do you do with them??? You go to EP1 - oneplayer mode - side quests and load this: Once the quest has loaded go to forest 1 and talk to the guy by the gate. Answer the top option when prompted and he'll unlock it for you: Ignore the wandering rappies for now and talk to the one sitting on the wreckage. Pick the top option again: Now talk to one of the other rappies. Pick the top option once again and you'll be given a random item from the list of rewards: If you want to get back to Pioneer 2 after this just talk to the rappy on the wreckage again and he'll reopen the gate. Here is a list of rewards that I managed to pull from the web. I've not been able to verify all of them but seems correct enough. Maybe a GM can confirm this at some point? All weapons are 0'd and all armour is min just like BPD. I just ran through 45 tickets in about an hour and got 2 Spirit Garments. This has been my first guide. Hope you find it useful. NOW GO GET LOVED UP
  3. Cleaning things OCD hitting.. Weapons LAME D'ARGENT 25/0/0/25 -8PDERP or offer ZANBEACON 40HIT -1PDERP OR 5 POW MATS -> not sure where it is Spirit Diska - 70 hit - offer Slicer of Fanatic 25/0/0/25 -1PDERP or 5 pow mats/ Armour VIRUS ARMOR:LAFUTERIA offer AURA FIELD 1pderp SENSE PLATE -1pderp MATERIALS EVADE MATERIALS 15:1PD DEF MATERIALS 15:1PD MIND MATERIALS 10:1PD SAFE Grinders Special > 99 trigrinders 15PD 15 grinders = 1pd Amplifiers Amplifier of Gibarta Amplifier of Rabarta Amplifier of Red Amplifier of Blue Mag Cells Kit of GENESIS 1pd Kit of SEGA SATURN 1pd Tablet 1pd Heaven striker Coat 1pd Rappy beak 1pd Ashura Mag Cell 3pd Rocks/Stars Magic Stone "Iritista" 1pd Star Amplifier 1pd ADDSLOTS 4addslots 1pd PM or Message me here for them
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