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Found 5 results

  1. I'm sure many of you have seen this video Chuk made This seems extremely useful especially during events when you're encouraged to use multiple section IDs (different account). I'd definitely donate to see this come through. I don't have multiple copies of rare items like excaliber like some people do, and I don't have easy access to multiple computers so using characters on other accounts can be a pain >.<
  2. I need 2 Cent/abilities, and a cent/battle God/ability, and Heavenly ability is also acceptable, but would pref. cent UPDATE: found them, thank you!
  3. I've been experiencing this behavior off-and-on for years now, and hilariously enough, am finally getting around to asking the public for answers: 1) When I log into my account, the order of my frame/armour's slots are reversed. For instance, I prefer having my V101, Adept, and V801 taking up the bottom three so that the top one is my spare and is quickly interchangeable during gameplay (cures,v502, etc.). This becomes annoying when the V101 ends up on top, which I would never swap for anything... 2) Once I re-order the slots to my liking, they stay that way, so long as I remain logged in. 3) This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but lately it has seemed like it. For all you visual learners out there, Here's a screenshot
  4. All items listed below will be available for PDs with the option of DTs should it be necessary. PM me to reserve items or if you wish to purchase something. Reservations will only hold for a full 24 hour period, after that it's fair game again. All prices are final and non-negotiable so don't try to barter (most everything here is fairly cheap anyway). Certain items like one's that come from events I can trade for, those items will be marked with (trade). If I do not reply to your PM, do not spam me or I will ignore you.. I'll get to you, relax. I will update the list regularly, sorry for the lack of stock at the moment but more will be available soon.
  5. 5 for 1 SALE! Pay 1 PD, get 5 items! RABBIT WAND 0/0/0/0NUG2000-BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/15/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 5/25/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/30/0/0 VIVIENNE 0/0/0/0 Arrest Diska +4 0/35/0/0/40%Hit SANGE 0/10/15/0 ANO BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 0/0/0/0 BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU 0/0/0/0 BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU 0/25/0/0 WINDMILL 15/0/0/0 VARISTA 0/15/0/35 BLADE DANCE 5/20/0/0 CUSTOM RAY ver.00 0/20/0/0 BRAVACE 0/0/0/5 Chaos Laser 0/0/50/50/30%Hit Hell Laser +14 50/0/0/50 Gush Laser 0/50/0/50/30%Hit Berserk Laser +1 0/0/0/25/20%Hit Demon's Vulcan +1 0/0/0/15 Charge Striker 0/50/0/50/30 M&A60 VISE 25/0/20/0 L&K14 COMBAT 5/0/0/30 L&K14 COMBAT 0/15/0/15 L&K14 COMBAT 15/0/0/0 L&K14 COMBAT 0/0/0/0 METEOR SMASH 0/0/25/0 METEOR SMASH 0/0/0/0 ICE STAFF:DAGON 0/45/0/0 ELYSION 10/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER +9 0/0/0/35 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/20/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/25/20/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/0/0/-5 FROZEN SHOOTER 5/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 15/0/0/0 PHOTON LAUNCHER 0/0/0/35 GUILTY LIGHT 0/0/0/35 GUILTY LIGHT 0/20/15/0 TALIS 0/0/0/0 Holiness Armor (4 Slots) FLOWEN'S FRAME (0 Slots) DB'S ARMOR (0 Slots)SACRED CLOTH (2 Slots) STAR CUIRASS (1 Slot) CUSTOM BARRIER ver.00 SECURE FEET YATA'S MIRROR x2 Amplifier of Barta God/Arm x5 God/Body God/Mind x4 HP/Revival x5 Cure/Slow x2 Heavenly/Battle General Battle Abuelita/BattleDelsaber's Left Arm Hildeblue's Head x8 Grass Assassin's Arms Gobooma's Right ArmRappy's Beak
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