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Found 5 results

  1. Hello family!! 😄 I want to do this so that those who want to get their TypeSH /Shot or another of the TYPE weapons mentioned below, can get it more easily :3 Feel free to add or correct me if i'm wrong or missing anything. Here's the Video-Guide on Youtube :3 Please watch if you lose reading all this lol, it's more easy i think... Thank you very much to saith @Fyrewolf5 for showing me the best route for this mission Muchas gracias a @Palutena y a @GrimNoiR Por ayudarme a grabar la vídeo guía :3 los amo ❤️ No saliste en los videos pero igual te menciono porque eres asi de wapo ❤️ @serverus Thank you all very much for viewing this guide, please support me so that in the not too distant future I will make a guide on how to obtain Type weapons in Beach laughter, I know that these weapons are already available with dts but, well, the satisfaction of having taken them out yourself with your sweat....That satisfaction is not overcome by anything 😄
  2. Looking to buy TypeSH/Shot with Demon's special and 80% hit (or near max) for 50 DTs - PM or reply. Thanks!
  3. Pm with price
  4. I'm willing to pay 300 pd's + 15 dts for the hell shot 80 hit, please PM me if you're willing to sell it ^^.
  5. Just wanted to see if anyone could donate a rare shot to me, I don't care what it is, could be a Crush Bullet for all I care. Anything is better than the horrible launcher I've been using. I'm Greenill section ID so obviously no luck with finding a rare shot. Don't really have anything to trade, but I'm willing to help out in any way I can. Or if you have a shot that is super easy to farm I'd be willing to farm if you can make the game. Thanks, AmyRose
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