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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm back here again. Here is the problem I'm having. I noticed this going on for a day or 2. I have just been avoiding the character. Started off my seeing when I would change my inventory; it would always go back to how it was. When I logged out,disconnected, and sometimes changing blocks. But now I am noticing that when I talk to the Consumables NPC. 9/10 times I get disconnected. No message or anything. Log back in. And inventory is disorganized again. Only happens as far as I know on slot 2 (ringHuntr). I have been playing my 4 slot mostly. Hoping the problem wouldn't spread. This is the problem that made my pds disappear the first time. Ask anything. Tried alot and friends told me weapons stayed glitched on. Any suggestions would help. I would like to keep the character in the slot. Information: 42187959 guild card Character slot 2. @Soly
  2. Sooo i can't do single player quest. There are no NPC's in the principal area and i can not progress past Green squall in the main quest. Help plz. One person Episode 1 Guild Card #: 42180713 Slot: 2/all Date: Monday, Feb 06 5:53Pm
  3. When you used an NPC skin (most of the time 6 or above) and didn't have the hair/head #1 for your character, your character model wouldn't load in the lobby. This was solved and should not happen anymore. If it does, let me know posting here.
  4. Hi, Today i was trying to change my skin for a npc skin, but my character got bugged, couldn't move in lobby and didn't see others. I went to dressing room to reset appearence and then typed /npc 0, but my skin color changed permanently >.< I'm wondering if some gm can turn my skin color back to the number 2, since there is no Full dressing room... My Character Name: Lutz Slot: 01 My Guild Card: 42100949 Thanks in advance.
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