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Found 8 results

  1. Mid stat Master Raven (%HIT + %Machine/Dark and other) I am not looking for end game stuff, so anything above 180 pds or dt equivalent is out of my league. I am also interested in these items but not a priority Rage de Feu (%Hit + %whatever attributes) I am also lookin for a stellar shard but no idea how much those are lol
  2. selling this pristine dual bird with 35 hit and 30 dark. its a great exp stealer especially during this event getting 80 exp per shot, Pm offers. if you do not like the price i am willing t except counter offers. i am asking 11dts. i can swing 57 pd. ps. please do not tell me i am wrong these are starting prices *its only worth what someone will pay* OFFER UP
  3. I am looking for a Master Raven with 30-40 Machine 30-40 Dark pretty please! (Will pay in PD's)
  4. Hi, Buying Master Raven with stats Dark and other arround 10 pds U can PM me
  5. Unfortunately, during the last event I was unable to obtain a MR with hit. However, I was able to obtain other good event items. I am willing to trade all 3 (Slicer of Vengence, Glide Divine v00, and Lindcray (all 0 hit)) for a single MR with hit. looking for an MR with 40+ hit. PM if interested, thanks!
  6. Dragon Slayer 0/55/0/0/45 27pd Master Raven 25/0/0/20/0 12pd Last Swan 0/0/0/45/0 19pd Crush Bullet 0/0/0/0/25 Blue Black Stone 35pd everyone else had a shop I just wanted to make one too. Got prices from other peoples shoppes so if they're bad don't blame me, blame this shite capitalistic system Every purchase comes with an Amore Rose and Friendship. Both are equally worthless.
  7. I"m looking for a master raven a plain one tell me if you have one and willing to sell
  8. For sale and/or trade for Spirit Garment - Master Raven+9 $ 2pd's - Master Raven $ 2pd's Or 2:1 Spirit Garment. PM if interested, ty.
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