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Found 4 results

  1. Recently I had decided that I was going to be farming for a Bloody Art with hit so I could make a Blood Tornado. I saw the post by SinowNeo617 about their runs through east tower and thought making a post about my farm for that would be similar and fun. For this farm I had determined the best method would be to use the Yellowboze section ID because they have a 7/8 droprate for Bloody Art from Hildeblues on EP 2 Very Hard. I didn't have a Yellowboze before I started this farm so I made a new RACast and began leveling them and using gear from one of my other rangers. You cant pla
  2. Want a SONIC TEAM ARMOR Arrest Needle Psycho Raven Snow Queen Mags and Cells? Survive this SCAVENGER HUNT. Proove your WILL, your PATIENCE, your SKILL, your BRAIN. I repeat.. use your BRAIN. really use you BRAIN This is a 6-Staged Scavenger Hunt. Access to the 1st stage will be granted right here. When: Monday, 8th of July 2019, 20:00 CET. A riddle will be given to you. The solution of this very riddle is the password to a room on the Ultima Ship. Somewhere, you will encounter a charact
  3. just going to hunt some wepons any one know of good stuff to hunt for a ranger cool level 200 seems i have a lot of stuff most of the time when i dont have pds to buy new wepons i go on a woi suerside hunt to get 100 pds at all cost lol fun game the 100 pd challege in woi. guess i have to start one tomorrow (tuesday 32,2017 1:27) dont know if i start doing a quest today or tomorrow now i at a public libray lol .
  4. JOIN HERE Welcome to the Hunter's Guild, a Phantasy Star Online Ultima Discord voice chat! Finally a fully functional voice chat group you can easily jump in without fussing with installing any software! You can use this anytime to easily chat with others on the server. Collaborate more easily while playing quests or Challenge mode! Taunt your opponents or hear them whine as you take them down in Battle mode! Perform trades faster without the back and forth texting required by trades! You can do it all easily in this voice chat. Just select the voice channel you want to e
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