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Found 7 results

  1. New to HuCast - Is there a list of what rare weapons a HuCast can use online? I just want a list of some sort so I can go rare weapon hunting!
  2. Zeldya


    Some PSOBB fanarts. No more Sweetie Boometta : Evolveon : Mechazora, ten years ago : Evolver & Impah (+18 content : Explicit Machines)
  3. Hi guys, i started PSO yesterday. I have to say the community is really nice so far. Im a HUcast on lvl 42. I did some TTF Ultima games and high lvl ppl helped me out. Should i continue with ttf games or what is the best way to level ? And what my equip should look like ? Rocking with a Pallasch +2 right now. Should i play on hard or stick with normal to a certain level ? Thank you!
  4. Buying a white sato PPP hucast mag nvm Looking to trade a 45machine 55 hit dragon slayer for another one with similar stats in beast/dark/native/hit
  5. im looking for a nice mag for a hucast, im paying with pds, sende pm with offers and prices
  6. Hiya I'm looking for some HUcast items. Weapons/shields and mags. My goal is to get a nice max stat character at 200 or before. Looking for: Cent/arms x 1 Red Ring mag~ stats: 0/185/15/0 luck mats
  7. I have a problem guys, my main character my Hucast Ichigo is level 180, but he's simply lacking the gear for his level. My main weapons are: Charge Vulcan 40 hit, Diska of Braveman 35 hit, Red Handgun 40 hit, Chainsawd 0 hit Jizai 0 hit My units are: Smartlink, Heav/Arms 2x Heav/battle The starting levels are too easy, but the harder stages are too hard for me. What should I do?
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