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Found 4 results

  1. The idea of this thread is for it to serve as an alert any time Happy Hours (HH) are in effect. When HH is in effect, drop rates are boosted, which makes hunting things a lot easier. However, HH lasts only 3 hours (180 min) and occurs randomly throughout the week. This thread will let you know when HH are in effect, even when you are away from your computer. The usefulness of this thread depends on everyone working together to post alerts when HH happens. All are welcome to post alerts! Post how much time remains until Happy Hours ends (minutes / hours). Don't post what time it started or what time it ends, because we all live in different time zones. ONLY post if Happy Hours are on. This will prevent people's email inboxes from being cluttered To make this thread more useful to you, follow this thread. By doing so, you will receive emails every time someone posts an alert in this thread (you may need to adjust your account settings to allow these emails to be sent to your email). EXAMPLE OF WHAT TO POST:
  2. I'm posting this topic to demonstrate how in this years Xmas event so far, the Happy Hours have been distributed in a way that strongly disadvantages certain time zones, especially players who happen to have a "regular" schedule with a daytime job. I'll explain the table below. Samples were taken from the Happy Hours Alert! topic, based on my own time zone (CET/UTC+1) from which I then calculated the start times in a few other time zones (hope I didn't make any mistakes!). For the first two rows I can't list the HH start times anymore since the forum won't show the post time for entries which are older than just a couple of days - however I do know that I missed both HHs so the start times most likely weren't favourable. Times that I deem neutral (also taking into consideration whether it was weekend/holiday) are just grey, while favourable ones are green, so-so ones are various other shades of greenish/orange and red is just, well ... crap or "no can do". As you can see, things are quite uneven. I also included the Japan time zone just for sake of completion, though I have no idea how many players we have from that or neighbouring time zones. Seems the majority are from "the Americas". To illustrate my personal experience as one of the unlucky Central European players, out of the 30 total hours of HH time the event granted us thus far, I've only managed to catch maybe 4 or so - one reason being how Xmas celebrations already start on the 24th here so I was with my family when that HH started at 7 PM local time (I barely managed to catch the last hour of that). The only full HH I got was on the 25th, and that's because the night before, I jokingly asked a GM to give me my own "6 hour HH" after an unrelated in-game chat, so I was roughly aware of the time the next HH was going to take place. For all the other HHs - missed them, go figure.
  3. Ok many users have been wondering what happened to happy hours. Well here we will discuss the fate of HH. Ok first of all we 'll have a poll that lets users vote for the future of this feature (happy hours). Ultima server needs to cut off the redundancy of happy hours(HH). HH along with other factors, has brought the economy of the game to a really bad level. It's true that there are other causes affecting the economy (like donations, but they are needed). HH affects this more directly, because we dont receive donations every week. On the other hand HH has been going on two times a week during probably more than a year. Therefore we needed to come up with something to compromise. I know most of the users likes HH and that's understandable, so we will vote for the feature of HH. This being said, we come up with following options ( and users will vote for them) . 1.-No more HH ever (self explanatory) 2.-HH will occur at random times & Major Events (random time = no previous warning, no announcement, it might take up to 2 months for HH to show up.) 3.- HH will be turned on once a month (not on weekends) (for example : third Wednesday of each month)) 4.-HH will just be used to support major events. (seasonal events like the anniversary of the server, December, Halloween, BUT NO MINI EVENT.) ------- Español Ok muchos usuarios se han estado preguntado que ha sucedido con Happy Hours (HH). Vamos a llegar a un acuerdo en que sucederá con HH. Bueno primero que nada pondremos a votación el futuro de HH. Ultima server necesita cortar el uso continuo de HH. Los hechos son que HH y otros factores más, han desbalanceado la economía de Ultima. Un factor más a esto pudiera ser las donaciones. Pero las donaciones son algo que necesitamos para sobrevivir. Y las donaciones no afectan tanto como HH. Por ejemplo HH ocurría 2 veces a la semana durante ya más de un año. Y las donaciones no recibimos 2 a la semana. Así que por este motivo hemos llegado con unas opciones a discutir. pondremos aqui las siguientes opciones por las cuales podrán votar y pueden sentirse libres de dar su opinión ya sea en inglés o español. Aqui todos contamos. 1.-HH llega su fin para siempre. 2.-HH ocurrirá en momentos aleatorios & Eventos Mayores. (esto no se anunciará, no habrá notificación previa, solo se efectuará en un momento aleatorio, y puede llegar a tomar hasta 2 meses para que se presente) 3.- HH será usado una sola vez al mes. (tercer miércoles de cada mes) 4.-HH solo será usado para dar soporte a eventos mayores. (aniversario,navidad,halloween, NO MINI EVENTOS).
  4. Well I know this is going to be a very a debated topic and that I'll probably get flamed by a few players for this, but this need to be said regardless as agreed with a few other players players. First of all let's just explain what HH for all the new people in case you don't know. HH is an event that the majority of the population of Ultima look forward towards. HH is an event where all Rare drops are multiplied times 3. HH would come on once or twice a week for a few hours at a time. This would enable players to hunt various Rares to their discretion with an increased chance to find said these Rares. Which is good for some of the more difficult to find drops. SJS for example is normally a drop of 1/21276 from Gi Gue, but with HH in effect it is reduced to a drop rate of 1/7092. Still pretty low on the chance of finding one, but none the less much more easily obtained. Now with that said I'd like to discuss reasons why I would like to see HH back into effect. My first reason is, who doesn't like increased drop rates except for those that have already put their time into hunting the more elusive Rares before HH was implemented (Which seemed to make up the majority of the people that didn't like HH) Once Happy Hours were on a regular weekly schedule people knew when to expect them, and the server was brimming with players during these few hours. Even after wards players were still on so all the trading could occur. I often saw a second ship appear during these hours. Sixty players easy during Happy Hours. My reason for stating this is because even though I have just come back recently I've noticed that the number of players is significantly less and also many of the regulars are gone (Many good friends). I'm not saying that this is going to bring older players back with certainty, but I do say that this will at least give another reason for players to come back and newer players to stick with the game longer. I know that many of the players moved to PSO2, but that just gives even more reason to bring back HH on a regular basis since PSOBB must compete with it's predecessor. My second reason is the thriving economy that Happy Hours created when it was around on a common basis. I was not on this server too long before happy hours were implemented, but I was here long enough to see the large boost to the replies in trade lists when it first came into effect. I eventually created my own and had plenty of responses on a weekly basis. Instead of actually having to hunt down Rares that I certainly didn't have the ID for I could center a lot of my attention and limited game play time I had available into HH and trade amongst the other players. I bring this up now because since I have come back I have not seen a thriving Trade List section. I have a modest Trade List, but there are still some very good items in there. However, I have not had a response in the last few weeks now that I have been back. Nor has my Trade List needed a bump ever since I've been back which is very unusual since it used to be so common place. I would log into the forums and noticed that I've been bumped back a page in one day due to all the trades occurring and have to bump with an Update. I'm not sure why HH isn't on a regular basis anymore other than the fact that many players had stashes of certain items, but if that's the case I don't see a problem with it other than lowering the prices of several items. Having a large availability is not a bad thing. If it IS actually because of the availability being so high and players being able to get exactly what they want and thus not donating as often then let me say the following. In my view happy players create more donations, unhappy players create a lower moral and less reason to stay on Ultima thus lowering donations. I would assume this is a possible reason why the server was or is running on zeros lately. HH makes a up a larger portion for the decline, but I have to say that when the experience boost was cut from level 160-199 this was just a slap in the face to go along with the loss of the beloved event. Many of the players would appreciate Ultima to return to normal times 3 experience. I love PSO. I love Ultima even more, and so do many others. I wish to see it thrive once more. Many of us would love if this could be put to a vote. I just speak for a portion of players that love Ultima. Please take this into GREAT consideration. Those of you that agree please share your thoughts. I also urge players to speak their opposing view as well if there are any. There are always two sides to the same coin. Sincerely, A dedicated Ultima fan
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