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Found 6 results

  1. Heya, Clearing out my bank quite a bit. Here goes: Weapons: Bloody Art 15/0/0/0|30 Cross Scar 0/0/0/0|40 Cross Scar 0/30/0/0|25 Diska of Braveman 0/30/0/0|20 Orotiagito 0/0/0/0|0 Agito (1977) 0/0/0/0|0 Soul Banish 0/50/0/30|0 Akiko's Frying Pan 0/0/0/0|0 Lavis Cannon 0/0/25/0|0 Ancient Saber 20/0/0/15|0 Yamigarasu 0/0/15/0|0 Red Saber 15/0/0/20|0 Black King Bar +18 0/0/0/0|0 Red Sword +52 0/45/0/0|0 Frozen Shooter 10/0/0/0|0 Frozen Shooter 35/0/0/0|0 Panzer Faust 0/0/35/0|0 Windmill 0/0/0/0|45 Panther's Claw 0/0/0/0|0 Kamui 0/0/0/15|0 Angel Harp 0/10/0/0|0 Demolition Comet 0/0/0/15|30 Demolition Comet 0/40/0/0|35 Amore Rose 0/45/40/0|35 Slicer of Fanatic +30 0/0/40/40|0 Ophelie Seize 0/0/0/0|30 Daylight Scar 0/0/0/30|25 Armors (slots): Sense Plate (4) Morning Prayer (1) Tempest Cloak (0) Alliance Uniform (4) Lieutenant Mantle (1) Shields: Flowen's Shield x2 Standstill Shield (min) Standstill Shield (+27 DFP/+5 EVP) Yellow Barrier Ragol Ring Purple Ring Striker Plus Stink Shield Units: Cure/Freeze 2x Cure/Shock V801 x2 Abuelita/Battle 2x MAGs: Mag (dark-yellow) 5/0/0/0 Mag (bright-pink) 5/0/0/0 Mag (bright-yellow) 5/0/0/0 Techs Lv.15: Foie 3x Barta 1x Zonde 1x Gifoie 3x Gizonde 1x Rafoie 5x Razonde 2x Jellen 1x Resta 1x Techs Lv.20: Foie 3x Barta 1x Zonde 4x Gibarta 1x Rafoie 2x Rabarta 1x Razonde 1x Deband 1x Resta 1x Techs.Lv26+: Grants Lv.26 1x Zonde Lv.27 1x Gizonde Lv.28 1x Gibarta Lv.28 2x Razonde Lv.28 1x Rabarta Lv.28 1x Foie Lv.29 1x Barta Lv.29 2x Resta Lv.30 1x Scape Dolls 2:1! Materials: Power Material 6x Mind Material 6x Evade Material 10x Def material 14x Misc/enemy parts/mag cells: S-beat's arms 1x Delsaber's Right Arm 2x Booma's Right Arm 1x Star Amplifier 30x Kit of Hamburger 2x Panther's Spirit 1x Kit of MASTER SYSTEM 1x Kit of GENESIS 1x Kit of SEGA SATURN 1x Amplifier of Deband 1x Amplifier of Rafoie 1x Amplifier of Barta 2x Amplifier of Blue 1x AddSlot 2x Love Rappy's Beak 1x Prices aren't that fixed! Feel free to make an offer and I'm sure we'll work something out. I take PDs, DTs or trades. Every serious offer will be taken seriously as well! Either PM me or reply. I might not have much time due to work and such, but I'll try to check twice a day, mornings and evenings (GMT+01). Cheers,
  2. I'm looking for these items with hit, preferably at least 50 Hit. PM me if you wanna sell.
  3. Hi guys, i came back to play and I need long range items like a Spread Needle, Frozen Shooter, Mille Marteux, Heaven Punisher ... Have Photon drops and Crystals to trade. PM me
  4. FROZEN SHOOTERS: 0/0/0/25|35 ~ 5pd 0/25/20/0|30 ~ 4pd 30/0/0/0|30 ~ 4pd 0/0/20/0|30 ~ 4pd 0/15/45/0|25 ~ 3pd 15/15/0/0|25 ~ 3pd 0/20/0/35|25 ~ 3pd
  5. So, before I get started on my tangent behind my insurmountable love for the weapon known as Snow Queen, we'll dive into what these two items actually are. First of all, the Frozen Shooter is a rifle class gun for the rangers. It requires (162) ATA to use and has a max grind of 9, adding 18 more power to the weapon. Snow Queen is the next level to this weapon. If you apply a a Photon Booster to a max grinded Frozen Shooter you get the weapon Snow Queen. It changes the appearance of the weapon from a turquoise green and navy blue to a tan-ish and white color. Snow Queen may not combo, but it pierces targets and still has the freeze special. Now that that's out of the way, lets talk about the uses behind Frozen Shooter. At first glance, the Frozen Shooter may seem like a powerful weapon. It's special is that of the Blizzard special that you might find on some other common weapons. Weapon's with the "Blizzard" elemental special on it (an example such as this is something like a "Blizzard Raygun") may use the special attack to freeze a target in place. The difference about this from other Blizzard specials is that the Frozen Shooter's Blizzard special has a significantly higher chance to hit based on your ATA. In most scenarios, the Blizzard special attack will hit the target. There are few scenarios where it doesn't. However the rest of Frozen Shooter makes it a sub par gun. The main, and I'm willing to wager only usage for this weapon, is the high Blizzard chance on the weapon. So if the weapon's primary function is to use the Blizzard special attack on it, you can combo the three attacks into a permanent freeze on any one target. Here is why Snow Queen is better! Although the Snow Queen cannot combo, it has a wide variety of things to make up for it. For one the Snow Queen has increased attack power (ATP), increased attack accuracy (ATA), and has the ability to pierce through targets. Whereas the Frozen Shooter can only hit one target per bullet at a time, the Snow Queen is changed to where one bullet can hit a maximum of 3 targets anywhere from 1-2 times. Additionally, the increased ATA the weapon gives increases the chances of your Blizzard special attacks to hit and freeze enemies. If the primary function of the Frozen Shooter is to provide small doses of crowd control through freeze locking specific, high priority targets in place, then why shouldn't you evolve it into Snow Queen? It performs the same functionality as the Frozen Shooter except better. Instead of freezing one target you now can freeze 3 targets at once; providing a larger range of temporary crowd control. Additionally, hit on this weapon increases the chances even further, not to mention the passive effects of certain classes being able to get spell/effect bonuses on weapons and spells. The Snow Queen is the best option for you. It's worth the 50 PDs you spend on the Photon Booster. So lets have a recap here on what the capabilities are on each weapon: Frozen Shooter: Can combo 3 times Can freeze one target per special usage (pending the ATA and EVP math goes in your favor) Provides that much needed single target crowd control Hit and passive character effects can increase the chance of each stun Snow Queen: Cannot combo 3 times, only shoots one bullet Can pierce through targets, hitting a total of 3 enemies a total of 1-2 times Performs the same freeze functionality as the Frozen Shooter except to a greater effect due to the higher ATA value on the weapon Hit and passive character effects can increase the chance of each stun Provides an invaluable amount of crowd control among a number of both high priority and non high priority targets In my eyes, the Snow Queen is the better choice for rangers. If you have 50 PDs, please, I implore you, buy a Photon Booster and upgrade your Frozen Shooter to a Snow Queen, you will not be disappointed.
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