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Found 6 results

  1. Howdy, I need a Psycho Wand!
  2. Does anyone have either an Nidra, Tellusis or soniti Mag for a FO?
  3. I am looking to make some room on one of my chars and so i can play on it more. the char is potter he is a fomar like harry potter and he often gets lost in the school. here are some the things he found while there. cent/ability luminious field excalibur 10 machine master raven bamboo spear 25 hit caduceus the one rupika uses centerien mind woks of akikos shop earth wand brownie guardiana . the prices are low and if grouped i can do a bargin or sale on the weekend. as of right now all of them are 5-8pd in less its the excalibur
  4. Selling a Guardian Angel costume. Same stats as a min RR. Increases healing range on resta and anti techniques. 12 DT. PM me
  5. With the onslaught of events over, now there's more time to do other things. In fact it's a little boring right now as there aren't many Ult rooms to begin with, and those I see are usually not too interesting, especially if you are level 200. So I've been thinking of something a little more taxing and it made me remember the 4 FO Phantasmal World 4 run we did back on Schthack a long time ago (in 2009, I think). The premise was simple, no blessing and no deaths, and it was fun as hell. The run also predated all the broken equipment released on the server at a later time. When I mentioned a 4 FO ROCT run in the lobby recently, it got shrugged off quickly, with a sarcastic "Good luck" and the like. Yes, it won't be an easy feat. No need to post stuff like how HUs and RAs are much more powerful and efficient, I know that myself. It's all about the challenge of pulling off something difficult without optimal classes. No deaths is not even something I'm dead set on because many things can go wrong, especially warping Epsilons can easily screw players. Here are my thoughts on what is required. I'll just be typing this from scratch, here goes ... We need players who are experienced in the game, who understand game mechanics and enemy behaviour (like attack patterns, their below 25% HP triggers etc.) well. Gear will be important too as this won't be possible to do with techs only. Strategy will play a big part too, like when to push forwand and when not to (triggering certain spawns or sub-spawns early etc). I think we'll need a couple of dedicated roles: 2 melee/ranged FOs who can do both Demon's and deal raw damage. Weapons: Bringer's Rifle, Slicer of Fanatic, Type Me/Mechs, Vivienne, Rambling May and a few others. As you can see, this favours females FOs to some extent. Other weapons include Gal Wind to gamble free mag invincibility. 1 nuke FO who specializes on disrupting enemy movement and freezing, though other FOs can join in whenever the need arises, especially when dangerous nearby enemies need to be frozen by Rabarta. 1 support FO who takes care mainly of Jellen/Zalure, then can do whatever they like: attack, resta other players (who can still easily resta themselves usually, but still), cast disruptive techs. The melee FOs will have less unit freedom as they'll need Smartlink and a Battle unit, with V801 often taking up another slot though they may not need it in this scenario. The teching FOs will likely have more slot freedom to equip units like Cure/Freeze and Cure/Shock so they can tank those ice/shock shooting traps that pop out of the ground until they are destroyed, if not at 100 resists this will also help them to gain PB for a possible PB combo. Sonic Team Armor helps a lot in this quest so player with it and additional equips to become invincible to not only Fire/Ice/Lightning but also Dark can tank for any elemental attacks. Though I have a feeling the run will probably be done with 4 people who have STA ... anyway, I know that I personally won't get 100 EDK if I use Red Ring as I don't have Wiz/Resist but it's not a big deal. Could of course just use Three Seals or a similar shield to easily get all resists 100+ but that will mean 20 less ATA. Decisions, decisions ... HP and/or resists should be modified in a way that either one or two Epsilon Rafoies will leave you below 10% HP to trigger mag invincibility. Another good way is to attack Del Lily briefly, though you'll have to be careful when using Three Seals as you may just lose that final 1 HP when moving - it has happened to me a few times in the past. Good knowledge of the map and enemy behaviour is imperative. That includes staying at the edge of the map so Gibbles can't jump on you and Ill Gills can't rush. Also refraining from spamming techs when Gi Gues have their "net" up to avoid that Gi Gue bomb, though depending on the situation you may just want that (e.g. to raise PB especially for players with STA who may not easily gain PB). Demon's on Ill Gill should be done with care as they'll switch to rush mode at below 25% HP. Another important tactic: preemptive attacks. Gifoie walls to briefly stun Meri plants as they spawn (gives you time to Zalure when you solo) or to stop the initial rush from freshly spawned Delbiters. If you postion yourself accordingly, you can also mess up plants (and other enemies of course but the Meris are my main concern here) with a well-timed Slicer of Fanatic combo - think of doing SNS (or just SN, or SNH) just as the plants are spawning so the first hit, which now is granted the accuracy of the normal attack, will get a target just the instant the plants have become targetable. Though the Demon's may be cancelled by Gifoie or other actions of your fellow FOs. Anyway, with a little luck you can kill them very fast. And if it didn't work, switch to a wep like Rambling May and fire away (they should be Zalured by then anyway). As long as the plants can't get any attacks off, it's all good. Just be wary of their annoying "cry" that sets your TP to 0. It's one of the reasons I have Di-/Trifluids set to the hotbar as you may not have time to flick through your quick menus to use them from there. A Meri plant that is about to spit that insta-kill orb can be caused to cancel it if you run into it as it will then switch to that countdown where it releases the purple toxic (insta-kill) gas. You can try this out for yourself in the 6th floor of the regular "East Tower" quest, just run into the upper Meri without any target reticule (open a menu) - as long as the Meri hasn't actually spat out the orb yet, it will be cancelled. Though this may only apply to solo situations as you are the only aggro target; I haven't experimented this with multiple players. We should use any kind of voice chat for this like Sykpe etc. I have a teamspeak server we can use for that. There's probably a lot more I could add but for now that should be enough. I've already seen a few replies in the Shoutbox, I'll address those later. If you find any mistakes/errors, feel free to point them out.
  6. Looking for a black mind Sato. (if not black i can live with a Cyan one too)
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