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Found 4 results

  1. Guildcard: 42202236 character slot; n/a Date/time n/a Description: Whenever I go to open the "Ultima" quests on episode 4’s solo mode, it pops up saying it failed to download. Idk if the problem is to do with something on my side, or the server’s. I’ve tried closing/reopening the client which didn’t work
  2. I recently play Episode 4 with my Force character and want to complete all main quests like in the other episodes with my Hunter and Ranger. I have never met a situation like this, maybe it's just my imagination but I felt I should had to ask the following. This quest is named as 'The CHOSEN 2/2' where you have to rescue a girl called Rupika from another NPC. When you reach Subterraen Desert, there's a part with laser fences which you need to get through by activating switches (red, blue, green, purple). This place has a bunch of transporters as well, if you didn't manage to cross lasers you can use them to transoprt you to the starting point. I was just not in the mood to do this, tried it a couple of times but decided to leave. So, my question is: Can I do this quest alone? Or do I need team mates for it? As I mentioned earlier you can do in solo the other quests in every Episodes, but perhaps this one is an exception. I'm a bit confused, help me by telling the answer Admins if you can, and I'll wait for you players who do quests, too!
  3. Heyho, little chimps! I just want to ask if you do Main Quest (Government) in Ep4. Usually I do these alone, but if you've done or want to do them join me in PSO room (I always make this name). My character is Yuma, a Force man. I have two others, they are Nagi (for Ep1) and GunJack (for Ep2). Later I'll continue with these too, and will wait for you as well. It's sometimes boring to do these quests alone. I'd like to know more about the story, and have fun with you guys! I hope there are a few people here who play the game the way it's supposedly to be played. Which is nothing else than DO quests! I'll be waiting for you!
  4. Just making this thread for anyone on the team that needs help hunting boss drops on any difficulty in ep 4, killing them is my specialty So let me know if you want to hunt and I'll whipe the floor with their face using my Fo
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