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Found 3 results

  1. Okay so i was playin. joined a game and went to get dimates and trimates. Normal right. When i opened the store. i got no message of disconnection or anyting. and was at the login. When i logged back in. I went back and bought mates. when i popped inventory open to sort it. my 73-77 pd stack was gone and only 1 was there . please get back to me about this. Guild Card: 42187959 Character Slot: 2 time: 18:20ish
  2. Hi, i've experienced some trouble when playing, i've gotten the error 100 (there is no connection available, please check your cable) multiple times is it because i'm playing via wi-fi or is it like in the sticky because i have a bugged/hacked item. It happens at random moments but i've had it happen around 5 times just today and last night. Do i have to play using a network cable or how can i know what items are bugged/hacked ? Guild Card #'s: :42116363 slot 1
  3. Edit: Found a glitched item in my bank, hopefully its sufficient proof? Character Slot is number 4, Id is 91330. Rollback time would need to be 00:45:50 on 24th December, Timezone: London GMT Hi, I just disconnected from the server, only when I came back some of my items were missing. Items were on my RAcast. The items are: Electro Frame 4 slot v101 Adept Heavenly/Ability x2 Standstill Shield Opa Opa Mag (35/120/45) Here's the log from when I found out: (playing with Shini and Raimundo) 0:56:54 42091330 KaiSa glitchy as fuuu 00:56:55 42089601 raimundo ready 00:56:59 42091676 Shini yeah 00:57:02 42091676 Shini and yes 00:57:03 42091676 Shini lol 00:58:04 42091330 KaiSa i just lost loads of stuff 00:58:08 42091676 Shini ? 00:58:16 42091676 Shini how? 00:58:24 42091330 KaiSa dc'd and lost 00:58:27 42091676 Shini ??? 00:58:38 42091330 KaiSa electro frame, standstill, heavenly abil x 2 00:58:39 42091676 Shini anyting valuable? 00:58:44 42091676 Shini O.o 00:58:49 42091330 KaiSa adept, v101, lvl 200 mag 00:58:50 42091676 Shini o.O 00:58:55 42091676 Shini no way 00:58:59 42091676 Shini how that possible 00:59:02 42091330 KaiSa yes 00:59:07 42091330 KaiSa idk 00:59:12 42091676 Shini damn 00:59:27 42091330 KaiSa i g2g 00:59:31 42091676 Shini k 00:59:31 42091330 KaiSa i need to find mod 00:59:33 42091676 Shini sorry... 00:59:41 42091676 Shini mio is in lobby 00:59:45 42091676 Shini talk to him If you need more info, let me know.
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