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Found 4 results

  1. busco compañeros para hacer modo desafio una vez q termine el evento. Estoy jugando en las noches horario del continente americano (no varian mucho las horas de la gente que vive en el continente americano) lo ideal seria ir con la partida full, que quieran sacar el titulo Ra zan y el arma s rank. avisenme si alguien esta interesado, me puede responder el post o enviarme un mensaje a mi perfil. saludos
  2. I wanted to make a Topic to make easier to find people interested in playing challenge mode. If you are interested in playing cmode you can follow this topic. When someone wants to start a party or just to look for people to play cmode can just post in this topic to send a notification to people that might be intersted to play. Hope this will help. I also made a cmode team, if you make an account dedicated to cmode you can join it if you want.
  3. ... ] ~ Delsaber Gauntlet ~ [ ... A dark energy traveled through the cosmos and hit the surface of Ragol ; silently. There, in this ancient graveyard far away from any life forms, a shadow smile awkwardly; devilishly. The ghostly shape promptly gets thicker, denser ; feeding on the dark energy now permeating the earth. A faint laugh of joy and madness raises up from the graveyard cracks... A soul has been brought back from the nothingness... defying the laws of the universe. Something has been reborned for the only challenge of living among us. ± Necromant ± « People of Pioneer... I shall now drive you through a survival ordeal. To this end, the youngest of your kind shall be my victims... or become true heroes. » This event is the first part of the Delsaber Gauntlet. You don't need to participate to every part of the gauntlet, you will receive a prize and have your place in the Gauntlet Ranking if you succeed in this event. It is then up to you to participate to every events or not. How to participate ? - Players required : 2 or 3 (so no player alone and no full team) - Teams must have maximum one Robot/Android/Cast/name it (a special bonus will be added on your final score if you make a team of one hunter, one ranger and one force ; one human, one cast and one new human) - You need a character level 23 or less - Your character must not have any : Disks Materials Stuff (you can only bring a mag with 5 in DEF) Mesetas In other words, your character must be completely clean. You must have even less stuff than a level 1 just created. A 5 DEF mag is all you should have when participating. You will have to play with one or two teammates in a certain quest and making it alive as far as you can. You will be followed by ± Necromant ±, who is supposed to be the fourth member of your team (or third if you only play with one teammate). ± Necromant ± will be able to help you if you order her. Anyone in your team can order her as long as you have enough Will Points to do so. What are Will Points ? You will start the game with 10 000 Will Points. You can use Will Points to buy stuff and to order ± Necromant ± around. Will Points allow you to buy : weapons, armors, shields, units, disks, monomates. All stuff will be appropriate for level 23 characters, there is no rare stuff among it. ± Necromant ± orders are : resta, anti, shifta, deband, zalure, jellen, rafoie, rabarta, razonde, megid (not piercing), normal attack, hard attack, special attack, combo (will do normal, hard, special attacks in that order). What are the Goals ? - Surviving - Choosing your stuff among a given list (optional) - Playing with style (optional) : good ambiance and fun - Taking fast and wise decisions (optional) : PSO knowledge about enemy weaknesses, dealing with situation, using Necromant - Going commando (optional) : the less you use your Will Points, the higher your score The optional points means that those goals are only there in order to raise your score. Prizes for the winner Team Each participant of the winner team will have the following : Centurion/Battle Psycho Black Crystal Proof Of Sonic Team Godric's Cloak (if duo only) 66 Photon Drops Easter Eggs Christmas Present It is not a choice list, it is the complete list of what each of the winners will get.
  4. This is an overall extra mode ive thought of for battle mode..... ANYONE (not just Rev X) can do this. REQUIREMENTS: A team of at least 10 persons and the rest of the ultima community XD Here's how it works.... RULES there are 2 sides.... the defense and the offense. the defense consists of the team of 10 persons (they all have to be on the same team) and the offensive consists of everyone else that enters the challenge. the room is open to all and in battle mode, (normal difficulty) the defensive takes turns in defending that "room" EXAMPLE: Say the defensive consists of.... Sesilou Chuk Magic Bun Hunk Dan Die Shade KajeX Godric Pein they're an entire team of 10 persons, all under the same flag, The offensive can be ANYONE that enters the room and is up for the battle it could be Larva or someone else... from lv 200 to lv 1, nobody knows what awaits you now since the room can only hold 4 persons max.... we use a tag team formation The battles themselves do not start until the room is full so its a 2 on 2 battle. say Dan and Godric decide they go first... DAN & GODRIC V.S ????????????? they will try to kill as many opponents as they can before dying. as they go on killing their kill count increases DAN & GODRIC V.S ????????????? (Kills 03/25) (the player who dies must leave the room) if a Rev X member is K.Oed say Dan for example.... DAN & GODRIC V.S ????????????? (OH NOES! D: ) (YAY! XD) Another member of the defending team will replace him. Dan cannot be revived, and is forced to leave the battle and someone else must replace him from the team that is still alive Sesilou Chuk Magic Bun Hunk Dan (DEAD) Die Shade KajeX Godric (IN BATTLE) Pein If you are still alive you can enter at any time as long as there is still room it always has to be a 2 on 2.... if an extra rev x or player enters he or she has to leave to make room lets now say its my turn... Sesilou now takes Dan's place in battle and the fights continue, same routine fight till you drop, when dead you're out SESILOU & GODRIC V.S ????????????? (Kills 03/25) TERMS OF VICTORY AND DEFEAT: VICTORY: If party members are still standing and the kill count reaches its full number the defending side WINS MAGIC BUN & SHADE V.S ????????????? (Kills 25/25) DEFEAT:If the defending team has no more members to call out to battle (all dead) the offensive side WINS MAGIC BUN & SHADE V.S ????????????? ( Kills 23/25 So close LOL ) VICTOLY!!! LOL Sesilou Chuk Magic Bun Hunk Dan (all dead) Die Shade KajeX Godric Pein In a nutshell its more of a team based king of the kill mode XD hope you guys attempt to try it out someday XD throw in some Type M weapons as a reward or something
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