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Found 2 results

  1. hi, ys, fellow grinders, corahhhiitttolliiiwall tionist. or occassional bummer. i am back the max. to show all the ep2 monsters a fight, long stressfu: high brain activity over doses of b vitamins, littel rythm, and tired from hard days at work l, nights run onsentence. i want to organize something with teams or by joining teams, for a winter heav grind in attempt to capture an olgla kill that has only happen but a few times for me. i am a harder hitter and can pattern out some tanky runs. with litte agility. looking forward to every night run.
  2. I logged in this morning to use my Lv 60, but the same thing had happened to that character as to HUNK (Items all being "????"). It was about 12:50am (UK), 26/10/2012 Slot 2: HUNKette Guild Card number: 42016215 Screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351252476.png Thanks again for your time. Will (HUNK)
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