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  1. That's great, thanks a bunch, again. It definately isn't a good week at all, both have about 99% of my rares too.
  2. That's what I was hoping for. I was told that using the Common bank could cause problems, so I used another character to empty it. Thanks Will (HUNK)
  3. I went on and everything is back to normal. Thanks HELL of a lot! Will (HUNK)
  4. I logged in this morning to use my Lv 60, but the same thing had happened to that character as to HUNK (Items all being "????"). It was about 12:50am (UK), 26/10/2012 Slot 2: HUNKette Guild Card number: 42016215 Screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351252476.png Thanks again for your time. Will (HUNK)
  5. That's amazing, thank you! Will (HUNK)
  6. Sorry, I was just looking at other posts of the same problem, and they had some information I didn't include so here it is. Slot: 1 Date: 25/10/12 Sorry! Will (HUNK)
  7. Dear GM(s) Between 02:40 and 02:55 (UK, London time) or thereabouts. I logged out then in again in order to change to my main, but my items were all "????". I was told to upload screenshots, provide my guild card number and about what time it happened so someone could help me out. Here is a link to the screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351129795.jpg My character's name is HUNK ( I don't know if you needed that. ) My Guild Card No: 42016215 Thanks for you time, your help is appreciated a LOT, since this is my main character. Thanks again. Will (HUNK)
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