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Found 8 results

  1. Hello again Ultima! I am in need of dts now, so I must auction this Gael Giel 0/130/70/0 Twins/Healer/Deer Starting Bid: 25dts End Date: 2 days and some change https://countingdownto.com/countdown/another-gael-auction-countdown-clock Wants: This time I want dts only Rules: 1. Only comment to place a bid or to ask a relevant question about this auction. Please no trolls or unnecessary comments, doesn't matter who. Ty. 2. If a person backs out of a bid, he will be disqualified for further bidding in this auction. 3. If a person backs out of a bid, I will continue as if nothing happened and his bid will still count. 4. If you win, but do not have the dts to pay for the item at this time, I will consider the auction void, and keep the item. I will consider selling to the 2nd highest bidder. 5. I reserve the right to add/eliminate rules as I deem appropriate , while still being fair. Ty. Good luck!
  2. I went to grab my 7 photon drops out of my bank. I got logged out, and when I logged back in, they were gone.
  3. Hello! Today I have for you guys a juicy mag :3 Gael Giel 5/150/45/0 Twins/Pilla/Estlla Starting bid: 5dts/33pds End Date: https://countingdownto.com/countdown/gael-giel-auction-countdown-clock good luck!
  4. Here we come with a fresh of the oven mini event! Ever wondered what would it be like to have a console mag with photon blasts? Or did the color of your MAG disturb you for a long time? Fear no more the MAG fix event will save you! DATE OF EVENT 29th July to the 1st of August SERVICES Color change COST: 10 animal parts converted Adding 1 Photon Blast COST: 10 animal parts converted Changing MAG shape COST: 10 animal parts converted + Respective MAG cell/extra animal part if you are changing to a normal MAG Removing 1 def out of 1-6-16 def MAGS(you made a woopsie?) COST: 10 animal parts converted Only fixing lv 100 MAGs and up iMAGine all the possibilities! Any questions? Just ask! Happy hunting! ESPAÑOL Aquí nos encontramos con un nuevo mini evento salido del horno! Alguna vez se preguntó como sería tener los MAGS de consolas con photon blasts? O la color de tu MAG te perturbou durante mucho tiempo? No temas más el Evento para arreglar MAGS te salvará! FECHA DEL EVENTO de 29 julio al 1 de agosto SERVICIOS Cambio de color COSTO: 10 partes de animales convertidas La adición de 1 Photon Blast COSTO: 10 partes de animales convertidas Cambiando la forma de lo MAG COSTO: 10 partes de animales convertidas + La Celula de MAG respectiva/una parte de animal adicional si vás a cambiar para in MAG normal Extracción de 1 def de los mags con 1-6-16 def(hecistes uno errorzito?) COSTO: 10 partes de animales convertidas Solo arreglamos lv 100 MAGs y arriba iMAGina todas las posibilidades Alguna pregunta? Solo pregunta! Buena caza! PORTUGUÊS Aqui vamos nós mais uma vez com um mini evento acabadinho de sair do forno! Alguma vez te perguntás-tes como seria ter um MAG consola com Photon Blasts? Ou a cor do teu MAG te perturbou por muito tempo? Não temas mais o evento para arranjar MAGS vai-te salvar! DATA DO EVENTO de 29 de Julho até ao 1 de Agosto SERVIÇOS Mudança de cor CUSTO: 10 partes de animais convertidas Adicionar 1 Photon Blast CUSTO: 10 partes de animais convertidas Mudar a forma do MAG CUSTO: 10 partes de animais convertidas + A célula de MAG respectiva/extra parte de animal se estás a mudar o MAG para um normal Remover 1def dos MAGS com 1-6-16 def(fizes-tes um errozinho?) CUSTO: 10 partes de animais convertidas Apenas arranjamos lv 100 mags e acima iMAGina todas as possibilidades! Alguma dúvida? Pergunta! Feliz caçada!
  5. Tasty

    B> Mind Sato

    Buying Mind Sato for 17 PDS - In-Game Name : Tasty CLOSED
  6. I am looking for hell handguns, rifles, and other guns with hit. I will be paying in photon drops. Comment or inbox if interested and we can negotiate.
  7. I'm looking to buy v502 unit. I will be paying in photon drops. Also looking for hell handguns and rifles with hit. Comment if interested and we can negotiate.
  8. UPDATE ------------------------------------------ Tuesday, 11 March 0:36:03 a.m(GMT + 0:00) ------------------------------------------ 0 Photon Crystal in stock [10 reserved by Aiden Payne] Hi ! I'm selling 99 Photon Crystal for 10pds. [10:1]
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