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Found 14 results

  1. Here r some lil updates i made so far Delsaber leg looks kinda crooked and his walking, fighting and holding a weapon isnt done as well but it can be still fixed (ignor the skin) This lil man has no legs (he had an operation, dont blame him) but so far he has the smoothest animation. and the last one is the horrific Booma (+18) Still wondering why some models r upside down, which also happens to the rappy. Also the Recobox only shows his shadow atm. For all those i still have to create new or existing skeletons to fix the movements.
  2. Guildcard: 42167675 Slot: 1,2,3,4 Date/Time: uncertain Description: crashing instantly Comments: during 3-4 times while warping im crashing completly without disconnecting message. Warping to an CCA area every 2 warps i crash completly without disconnecting message. Also can't enter WOI's CCA and a few other quests in forest 2. With my other accounts i dont have issues. I have this issue now about half a year, cause i thought it was on my end.
  3. Shiva

    Shiva's Gallery

    Here r some pics request by some people i worked for. Pics r taken from my sketchbook, sorry for the bad quality.
  4. SELL > BANANA CANNON [35/0/45/0|30] : 35 DTs BUY > All your Photon Crystal Red Odoshi Domaru Black Odoshi Domaru Yasha Heart of Poumn : 50 hit min Raikiri (min 80 hit please, it's a ROCT reward) Nei's Claw (real) : 30 hit min Bamboo Spear : 30 hit min Also please, since this kind of stuff is rarely sold, I would ask you to tell what's your price. I will haggle depending on the price of course, but don't feel silly to set a "wrong price" because you don't know how much it values. There is no wrong price and I'll not hold it against you, there is just you wanting something and me wanting something else =) Probably the most expansive in all of that is the Nei's Claw (real), the other stuff are just goodies mostly.
  5. How u can make or where can u get a zerkchuck Needle? http://imgur.com/a/nx0RM
  6. Hi Ultima, what has to be done to make the point registration for the teams work for 100%? That means also the earned privilegs and that stuff.^^
  8. The topic says everything ^^
  9. Hi, Excepted is only one Weapon which is Nei Claw (real)
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