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  1. Welcome back man. I just started playing again recently too
  2. just spent the last 10 hours in the hospital. awesome.

  3. intensity tricking showcase sampler drops tomorrow!

  4. Update: Intensity showcase sampler is about 80% complete. I should be able to finish tonight, then I'll start putting together the travis wong workshop sampler.

  5. so, I was able to catch a couple shooting stars on the drive home tonight. The meteor shower is supposed to peak friday night/saturday morning in between midnight and dawn. check it out

  6. cool. finally starting to piece this thing together.

  7. gonna try to finish a video today. maybe

  8. mogwai nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. oh man. been searching for music in the wrongggg part of youtube I guess. I'm so sick of dubstep now haha. If i hear one more I-VI-IV-V progression my brain is going to turn into banana pudding

  10. FACT: Taking photos is way harder than shooting video

  11. still can't pick a song. lol

  12. my eyes are going to fall off. taking a break from editing =p

    1. Oswald 2.0

      Oswald 2.0

      This might help you my friend.

  13. intensity showcase: ripped all the footage into my project file, and took all the stills I liked at first glance; maybe I'll post a few more as I get farther into the edit.

  14. I'm so excited to relax after today.I'm gonna be a hermit for like 2 weeks until I finish all these videos.

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