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  1. ZOMG blue rappy! :O

    In passing, if my memory is not at fault, there're at least 10 subkinds of Rappy's on PSO including Al Rappy, El Rappy, Pal Rappy, Love Rappy, Hallo Rappy, Saint Rappy, Egg Rappy, Sand Rappy, Del Rappy, Toy Rappy and of course Rag Rappy.
  2. Music on Lobby (old)

    Well, those from the 'Gallon's Shop' quest maybe; Sonic the Hedgehog original soundtrack; the melody from the schthack's casino area.
  3. Music on Lobby (old)

    This is just my opinion and you may want to lend an ear to it or may not. The current music in lobbies is just so ANNOYING. Come one guys, I bet everyone WOULD HARDLY STAND death metal or even Daft Punk (although I love them), but sure it does not suit for the constant loops. The music that SOUNDS QUITE NEUTRAL is the thing. All the more, I would recommend you to use some CUSTOM MELODIES from PSOBB, these are much more bearable at least.
  4. I bet I won't cope with it. But actually, you could make the charts for any class (or just for one of them) on your own. First of all, write down the ATP's/DFP's and ATA's/EVP's in two diff'rent columns, for each item respectively. Then you have to use the formula: (((a + b) / 2) + c) / 2 where "a" is Average DFP/ATP, "b" is Average EVP/ATA and "c" is a relevant variable. For example, if you think ATP is relevant, the expression is gonna look like this: (((ATP + ATA) / 2) + ATP) / 2 If you think both ATP and ATA are relevant, the expression's gonna look like this: (((ATP + ATA) / 2) + (ATP + ATA)) / 2 In conclusion, you rank the results and you are done, as simple as that. By the way, as concerns Force, you may want to add a 'MST' variable.
  5. The main principle. According to the fact that the RAcaseal's strategy is to increase her DEFENSE POWER (DFP) and ATTACK POWER (ATP) rates, I decided to pick out the respective data and look at how DFP can correlate with EVASION POWER (EVP) and how ATP can correlate with ATTACK ACCURACY (ATA). ALL INFORMATION ON THE STATS WAS ORIGINALLY TAKEN FROM PSO-WORLD.COM. How I made this. Firstly, I made a table concerning all the characteristics for each item, be it a shield, armor or weapon. Then I used a certain furmula to figure out an arithmetical mean of DFP and EVP (armor/shield) or ATP and ATA (weapon) according to the possible correlation of EVP with DFP and ATA with ATP. In addition, I also took into account the fact that ATP and DFP rates are much more important for RAcaseal's than ATA and EVP rates respectively. Notice. If you have any questions, ask me please and I will be glad to answer them. In case if you find mistakes or any kind of disparity, please let me know. Your opinions and reviews are also very welcome. Your valid pros et contras will be appreciated as well. Ungrounded criticism will be ignored. Anyways, I would like you to stay loyal to what I've done, as long as it took me long to compute all the values. THE ABOVE TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH (powered by Google Translate) Chart Tables racaseal_armor_psobb.xls (Excel data table) racaseal_armor_psobb.sav (SPSS Statistics data table) racaseal_shield_psobb.xls (Excel data table) racaseal_shield_psobb.sav (SPSS Statistics data table) racaseal_weapon_psobb.xls (Excel data table) racaseal_weapon_psobb.sav (SPSS Statistics data table) TOP25 Armor for RAcaseal's (average DFP and EVP taken) Black Hound Cuirass 300,0 (DFP) 88,5 (EVP) Luminous Field 231,0 (DFP) 134,0 (EVP) DF Field 228,0 (DFP) 126,0 (EVP) Electro Frame 221,0 (DFP) 130,0 (EVP) Brightness Circle 215,0 (DFP) 126,0 (EVP) Star Cuirass 250,0 (DFP) 0,0 (EVP) Flame Garment 205,0 (DFP) 124,0 (EVP) Guard Wave 203,0 (DFP) 120,0 (EVP) Love Heart 196,0 (DFP) 140,0 (EVP) Sweetheart 176,0 (DFP) 164,0 (EVP) Crimson Coat 158,0 (DFP) 136,0 (EVP) Red Coat 152,0 (DFP) 131,0 (EVP) D-Parts ver2.10 130,0 (DFP) 130,0 (EVP) Graviton Plate 129,0 (DFP) 129,0 (EVP) Morning Prayer 120,0 (DFP) 140,0 (EVP) Revival Curiass 134,0 (DFP) 94,0 (EVP) Spirit Cuirass 122,0 (DFP) 116,0 (EVP) Thirteen 113,0 (DFP) 136,0 (EVP) Samurai Armor 121,0 (DFP) 102,0 (EVP) D-Parts ver1.01 120,0 (DFP) 88,5 (EVP) Sacred Cloth 125,0 (DFP) 60,0 (EVP) Celestial Armor 120,0 (DFP) 72,0 (EVP) Attribute Plate 109,0 (DFP) 89,0 (EVP) Spirit Garment 103,5 (DFP) 94,5 (EVP) Infantry Gear 118,0 (DFP) 45,0 (EVP) TOP25 Shields for RAcaseal's (average DFP and EVP taken) From The Depths 160,0 (DFP) 240,0 (EVP) Standstill Shield 170,5 (DFP) 200,0 (EVP) Genpei 158,0 (DFP) 237,0 (EVP) Red Ring 150,0 (DFP) 232,0 (EVP) Rico's Earring 108,5 (DFP) 279,5 (EVP) Gratia 130,0 (DFP) 200,0 (EVP) Safety Heart 110,0 (DFP) 251,0 (EVP) Tripolic Shield 102,5 (DFP) 256,0 (EVP) Rupika 120,0 (DFP) 180,0 (EVP) Tripolic Reflector 95,0 (DFP) 235,0 (EVP) DF Shield 99,5 (DFP) 187,0 (EVP) Gods Shield Kouryu 95,0 (DFP) 180,0 (EVP) Regenerate Gear B.P. 90,0 (DFP) 181,0 (EVP) Ragol Ring 105,0 (DFP) 130,0 (EVP) Striker Plus 80,0 (DFP) 200,0 (EVP) Ranger Wall 70,0 (DFP) 175,0 (EVP) Celestial Shield 52,0 (DFP) 200,0 (EVP) Secret Gear 80,0 (DFP) 110,0 (EVP) Attribute Wall 80,0 (DFP) 105,0 (EVP) Spiritual Shield 50,0 (DFP) 190,0 (EVP) Ultimate Shield 47,0 (DFP) 180,0 (DFP) Shield of Delsaber 65,0 (DFP) 115,0 (EVP) Divinity Barrier 44,0 (DFP) 170,0 (EVP) DB's Shield 70,5 (DFP) 73,5 (EVP) Custom Barrier ver.00 70,0 (DFP) 70,0 (EVP) TOP50 Weapons for RAcaseal's (average ATP and ATA taken) Excalibur 925,0 (ATP) 60,0 (ATA) Sacred Duster 695,0 (ATP) 67,0 (ATA) Cannon Rouge 675,0 (ATP) 45,0 (ATA) God Hand 645,0 (ATP) 75,0 (ATA) Rika's Claw 640,0 (ATP) 64,0 (ATA) Yamigarasu 615,0 (ATP) 53,0 (ATA) Heaven Striker 605,0 (ATP) 55,0 (ATA) Valkyrie 600,0 (ATP) 66,0 (ATA) Flamberge 582,5 (ATP) 50,0 (ATA) Vivienne 582,5 (ATP) 49,0 (ATA) Syakuenn-houga 570,0 (ATP) 57,0 (ATA) Commander Blade 572,5 (ATP) 45,0 (ATA) Kusanagi 567,5 (ATP) 53,0 (ATA) Gi-Gue Bazooka 570,0 (ATP) 40,0 (ATA) Shichishito 560,0 (ATP) 40,0 (ATA) Rianov 303SNR-5 550,0 (ATP) 70,0 (ATA) Raikiri 560,0 (ATP) 30,0 (ATA) Girasole 550,0 (ATP) 50,0 (ATA) Iron Faust 539,0 (ATP) 42,0 (ATA) Daylight Scar 525,0 (ATP) 48,0 (ATA) NUG2000-Bazooka 530,0 (ATP) 30,0 (ATA) Angry Fist 510,0 (ATP) 62,0 (ATA) Rianov 303SNR-3 500,0 (ATP) 65,0 (ATA) Morning Glory 475,0 (ATP) 52,0 (ATA) Red Saber 469,0 (ATP) 51,0 (ATA) Agito (AUW 1980) 457,5 (ATP) 51,0 (ATA) Agito (AUW 1977) 455,0 (ATP) 48,0 (ATA) Rianov 303SNR-4 450,0 (ATP) 60,0 (ATA) Belra Cannon 450,0 (ATP) 45,0 (ATA) Rambling May 450,0 (ATP) 45,0 (ATA) Lame D'Argent 447,5 (ATP) 40,0 (ATA) Burning Visit 440,0 (ATP) 40,0 (ATA) Galatine 420,0 (ATP) 77,0 (ATA) Murasame 427,5 (ATP) 49,0 (ATA) Brave Knuckle 420,0 (ATP) 60,0 (ATA) Panzer Faust 425,0 (ATP) 42,0 (ATA) Yasminkov 7000V 410,0 (ATP) 67,0 (ATA) Agito (AUW 2001) 415,0 (ATP) 40,0 (ATA) Victor Axe 409,0 (ATP) 44,0 (ATA) Twin Blaze 410,0 (ATP) 40,0 (ATA) Tanegashima 410,0 (ATP) 38,0 (ATA) Ophelie Seize 405,0 (ATP) 50,0 (ATA) Agito (AUW 1991) 405,0 (ATP) 45,0 (ATA) Rianov 303SNR-1 400,0 (ATP) 50,0 (ATA) Rianov 303SNR-2 400,0 (ATP) 30,0 (ATA) Yasminkov 3000R 385,0 (ATP) 66,0 (ATA) Monkey King Bar 385,0 (ATP) 41,0 (ATA) Flapjack Flapper 375,0 (ATP) 45,0 (ATA) Flame Visit 375,0 (ATP) 40,0 (ATA) Ano Rifle 365,0 (ATP) 64,0 (ATA)
  6. Your Game Characters

    Name: ®oo-315 Class: RAcaseal Curr. lvl: 94
  7. ROFL

    Boomas eat Rappies! I just can't find any reasonable explanation.
  8. New Quests?

    I bet some of the quests are intuitive and understandable without translation. You might add some, that would be so nice!
  9. Information on DROPCHART and ITEM PRICES

    Thank you a lot, guys!
  10. Hello, everyone! I'm really anxious to find the actual DROPCHART (and maybe DROPRATES if possible) for the ULTIMA server. Furthermore, I would love to know where one can get the list of actual ITEM PRICES. Thanks in advance! UPD: Have just found this out...