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  1. oh i had no idea ive been out of the loop for a bit im recently just getting back into the game, that's what ill do then, thank you for answering my question
  2. oh no i did not, so is it not something people need?
  3. i have Resta level 30 i want to trade for some photon drops make me an offer!!
  4. i am interested in the following Honeycomb Reflector [DEF: 8/EVP: 2] Cladding of Epsilon and Addslot x 6 can you do it for 5 PD?
  5. i dont have two more if i find them, i will be ok with doing it!
  6. im ok with that, would i be able to get the red mech guns as well? actually would you be able to do twin brand, ruby bullet phonon maser and red mechguns?
  7. i honestly dont know what they are worth i have some photon drops i can trade, what could i get for 5?
  8. how much is the following items? 194Bamboo Spear [0/0/40/0|20] 197 Great Bouquet [30/0/35/0|30] 90 Twin Brand [25/25/0/0|0] 131 Red Mechgun [0/0/45/40|0] 173 Ruby Bullet [35/0/0/50|0 154 Phonon Maser [0/40/0/25|0]
  9. hey i am on right now i could meet you anytime!
  10. hey im intrested in the following how does this work? Angel Harp [50/0/40/40|0] - 1 PD (0.2 DT) Rianov 303SNR-3 [40/0/35/35|0] - 1 PD (0.2 DT) so would that be 2 photon drops?
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