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  1. I have, but I didnt see the DMP file until I got back from shopping, (maybe it was me not paying any attention to it, idk?) Not sure how to use that file tho
  2. After a little bit of grinding, the game crashed again. No idea what happened to cause this, since there's still no crash log of any kind that appears in the folder. Sorry for spamming this, but this is getting annoying, I never had this many problems playing the game in a long while.
  3. So after I sat on it last night, I fully uninstalled the Game+Files, reinstalled it and so far I have had no trouble playing the game. I'm not sure if it stopped the problem, but I'm going to do a full play session (around an hour and a half) to see if it pops up again.
  4. Hello I have had no problem running the game a few days ago (came back after a year of hiatus,) the game is up to date and the anti virus protection is allowing the game to run, but I keep getting crashes. It can be from when I log in to getting into a quest, only to have it crash when I proceed a few seconds later. No crash logs appear after the game closes. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  5. cent legs, skyly, ep 4, yowie, ult
  6. Just open up the launcher before you open the game, right click on the palette manager, that allows you to select and set up a palette. Hope this helps!
  7. That was very hard actually Sorry about that
  8. Ep1 PanArms - Bluefull - Godrick's Cloak
  9. Just got 3 more, same method.
  10. Zanbacon - Redria - Very Hard Mode - Episode 1 - Booma
  11. When logging on to my profile/character, i found that my character's items and bank have been swapped to different items, as well as what i'm assuming bugged items (a meteor cudgel as a cane?) and I no longer have any of my own items. What happened to my account?
  12. Retru

    Easter Event 2018

    This is my first event I've done on this game, (used to play offline GC with friends,) and I loved every minute of it. I just got to ask if the drop tables/ratios would be converted back to their original items/ratios, or if they are staying the same, (Kinda want to start farming Hildetorrs for Heaven Punisher )
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