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  1. I rarely get on forums, the last time I did was when I needed a set of Noob/hp and couldn't find anyone in the game Sad day when Slasher isn't playing anymore, honestly I slowed down on this game too for similar in-game-reasons. I get that you aren't going to make your best items drop like candy, but with weeks, months, or years playing, you should be able to start getting what you need. The only way I actually got started on Ultimate difficulty without getting rekt, was by trading mags for gear, and having Slasher's/Ona's help. Without them, I wouldn't have even half my gear. I have noticed the number of level 200 players going down and no matter how many new players join, they don't stick around for similar reasons. The entire point of the game is to grind and it's just not fun. I hope to see Slasher on PSU sometime and maybe another game or 2. Good luck Slash, Good luck with your surgery and your job, don't forget the friends you made on PSO.
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