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Hello my friends!!!


It's finished!!   I got the FFVII Rebirth Album just a few days ago, listened to it, fell in love with it - and made this music pack with that music.  I love making music packs for all of us to enjoy, I really do!


As I stated in my previous post where I gave you a snippet of my creative process, I was faced with a rather difficult conundrum this time around as the vast majority of the music I used in this music pack DID NOT repeat... like at all..... what do you do when the music doesn't repeat thus making your job a LOT more difficult?   Well, it came down to a lot of trial and error and testing on the title screen .... I will admit - there are 2 tracks that I couldn't loop like normal so I kept the beat, counted it out correctly and just looped it with similar elements.   For Weapon's Cry it worked out just grand, for the Materia Guardian music on Gol Dragon - the cut is a little bit.... ummm the first time you hear it, it may be a bit jarring, but that track for Gol Dragon is nearly 8 mins of music - and while it may sound jarring when the cut happens, it's actually really cool... it's battle music right, and the beat stays pretty constant throughout the whole track, all I did was mess with the chord progression just a bit - but once you hear it a 2nd time, it won't sound bad - it'll sound really cool.


There are just not enough good things I can say about the music of FFVII-Rebirth - it's just INCREDIBLE!!!    It truly is the evolution of CLASSICAL MUSIC at it's FINEST!!!    Classical music is very structured, and when it's done correctly, it tells stories as you play it.  As I was listening to the album for the first time, I was hearing the stories that the music was conveying, and because of that, I crafted a most beautiful story with the music and put it into PSO.   Let me elaborate, yeah?


One thing I noticed with this album, is that Sephiroth's taint just runs through almost every single piece of music - which makes for some really cool combinations - like Aerith's Theme and Sephiroth's Theme combined into one.    The game opens with Hero music, but this is Hero Sephiroth music and while it sounds grand and works really well for the title screen, it just has that bit of One-Winged Angel in it in places, all while being heroic and majestic is Sephiroth's twisted way - but the story - anyway - in the ruins, a place of monsters, aliens, and just overwhelming evil, the music reflects that - and just expels gobs and gobs of soul-crushing darkness and then in the midst of all that darkness, it goes into heroic battle music like it's telling you, "You're the warriors of light - you're going to send all these monsters straight to hell."  It's just soooooo good.     


I have to be honest - as I was nearing the end of the creation process, I was stuck on what to put for the Principal's Office area on Pioneer 2.... please don't freak out - but I put a beautifully haunting piece written in Phrygian that does this QnA bit between flutes and oboes over and over again - almost like an argument in parliament, or congress, or a senate - back and forth across the aisle, back and forth - but because it's written in Phrygian, it just has this off-kilter quality to it, almost like it's asking the question - "can you really trust anything the government does?"    I know, I know - that like asking "meaning of life" stuff - but I just thought that was too juicy not to put in the Principal's Office.


I honestly cannot believe how amazing and beautiful and gorgeous and fucking cool this music is!   As something new for this music project for PSO - I recorded a video showcasing 98% of the music pack - only because there are 4 tracks I can't show off because of randomness or needing 2 people to do it - but everything except battle mode and the two special encounters I show off in this video - and yes, this is the first time I've cut music for Battle Mode - there were just so so so very many tracks that were beyond incredible that I wanted to include in this music pack.


So, for your viewing pleasure, here's the music pack demonstration!




For this music pack, I used the following pieces from the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Special Edit Version Album to make this project



TITLE: Title “The War Hero Sephiroth”
ADVR: Character Select "Chadley's Theme

CHARA: Character Creation “The Grasslands – A New Journey"


Pioneer 2

CITY: Pioneer 2 “Costa del Sol – Fun in the Sun”

MEDICAL: Hospital “Lifestream – Fonts of Knowledge”
SHOP: Stores “On Our Way – Sense of Kalm”
GUILD: Hunter’s Guild “Sanctuary”
SOUTOKU: Principal’s Office “Follow the Black Robes – Mythril Mines”
LABO: Lab “Another Buster Sword”



slbgm_forest: Forest 1 & 2 “Toward Mount Nibel”
slbgm_cave: Caves 1, 2, & 3 “Weapon’s Cry”
slbgm_machine: Mines 1 & 2 “Prison Break”
slbgm_ancient: Ruins 1, 2, & 3 “Mako Overdose”
slbgm_ruin: Temple Alpha / Beta “Let’s Go, Mount Corel!”
slbgm_space: Spaceship Alpha / Beta “Assassination Attempt – Fugitive at Large”
slbgm_seabed: Seabed 1 & 2 “Revival of the Black Materia”



DRAGON: Dragon “Main Theme of FFVII – Battle Edit”

DELO:  De Rol Le “Midgardsormr"

VOL_OPT1: Vol Opt phase 1 “Anuran Suppressor”

VOL_OPT2: Vol Opt phase 2 “Crimson Mare Mk. II"

slbgm_dark: Meadow before Falz “Sephiroth Reborn – Second Advent”
DARK1: Dark Falz phase 1 & 2 “J-E-N-O-V-A – Emergence”
DARK2: Dark Falz phase 3 “One-Winged Angel – Reborn”
DELO2: Barba Ray “Hurry Up!”
DRAGON2: Gol Dragon “Materia Guardian!”
GRYPHON: Gal Gryphon “Battle on the Big Bridge – Rebirth”
PROTO1: Olga phase 1 “Hurry! – Necrotic Entity Mix”
HALL:  Room before fighting Olga 2nd time “Listen to the Cries of the Planet”
PROTO2: Olga phase 2 “J-E-N-O-V-A – Tenacity”
slbgm_boss9: St. Million “Rumble with Rufus”
slbgm_boss9b: Shambertin / Kondrieu “Rumble with Rufus”


Special Events

TI: Rico Tyrel Encounter “Queen’s Blood Tournament – Round 1”
T2: Heathcliff Flowen Encounter “Queen’s Blood Tournament – Round 2 Afterparty”

DUEL1 Battle Mode Spaceship “Duel with the Divine”

DUEL2 Battle Mode Temple “Temple of the Ancients – Battle Edit”
clear: Quest Completion “Queen’s Blood – Victory”

ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Dark Falz “Adventure’s End”
CUBE_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Olga Flow “Aerith’s Theme – Return to the Planet”
EP4_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Episode 4 final boss “Distant Skies”

LOBBY: The game lobby “Aerith’s Theme – The White Materia”




**DISCLAIMER - As much as I would have liked to make music for the Jungle, Mountain, Seaside, CCA, Towers, Crater, Crater Interior, and the Subterranean Desert, the way the game is coded screws up the custom music for those areas at best, CRASHES IN A GIANT FIRE at worst, and the custom music just won't work for those areas. **



If you would like my music pack - here's how you install it to change the music of PSO


Open your Ultima-PSOBB folder on your hard drive .... the default location for install is:



In your PSOBB folder you'll find a DATA folder, and in that DATA folder you'll find a folder called OGG.


*****MAKE A COPY OF THAT OGG FOLDER*******  Rename the copy of the folder to something like Music Backup so if you ever want to go back to original PSO music, the files are there and untouched.




Then, click this link for the music pack:  https://www.mediafire.com/file/15jlg6ebblnxrpi/FF7Rebirth_PSO.zip/file




Download the Zipped folder of the FFVII Rebirth Music (there are 40 .ogg files plus one .pdf of the track listing)


After you download the Zipped file, right-click it and say "EXTRACT HERE” This will uncompress the folder and give you access to all the .ogg files inside.  Now, select all the .ogg files and copy them over into the OGG folder in the Ultima-PSOBB/data directory.   When your computer asks if you would like to REPLACE all the files SAY YES!


this will change the music of your game to the music listed above!


If you would like me to make special music for you - just let me know - I'm always happy to help.






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On 4/27/2024 at 10:24 PM, Zandres said:

@MBogdanovic94 This one is for you!!   and to properly thank you for your compliments,  THANK YOU!!!  I'm glad to make beautiful content for us all to enjoy!

Haven't had the chance to play for a bit, just downloaded and put them in. About to try it now, can't wait!

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