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  1. Name: Sam Measa Birthday: December 4, 1978 Hobbies: Gaming, Biking, Reading, and long hot baths that your are not invited to. Sorry I kind of like to hog the tub. I got into Phantasy Star one summer when I bought a used SEGA Genesis and thirty games at a garage sale in 1995. In with Sonic, Golden Axe and Earth Worm Jim was two games I hadn't heard of, Phantasy Star 3 and 4. I played those for the next year never really finishing them but trying to get there. When the Dreamcast came out I waited for a few years because I didn't see all that many games that I wanted to play at that time. Till I heard about PSO. When I got it I didn't but the PSO down for a week. Well I take that back I did put it down when I had to work, eat and sleep. I finished it later that week around 3am before falling asleep on the couch. I never did any of the online stuff because at that time I only had dial up and I would have been going threw my parents to pay for the subscription. And they where never really big on the idea of credit cards because of issues they had in the 80's with late payments. What brings me to PSOBB is that recently while doing some stuff in Space Engineers I got to asking what Space story set had I not seen in the game. Which lead me to looking for old PS screen shots and later PSO. Which lead me to some Youtube videos that made me want to get back into PSO and PSOBB.
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