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  1. big poops and big naps


  2. Wait this shit still boppin'? Lets boogie (woogie)

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    2. SelahIsASpot


      Not a whole lot, just creepin about the forums as usual. 

    3. Lemurmen


      Oh word? You still play or just lurkin? Was thinkin bout plaiyng again but idk lol


    4. SelahIsASpot


      Uhm occasionally.

  3. T> Red Puyo 5/150/45/0 T/E/P for a White, Blue, or Cyan Agastya around the same stats.

  4. B>50h Charge Gatlings

  5. B> HS, Frozen Shooter, and C ROuge

    1. killswitch


      i can help u hunt for them item

  6. B> Heart of Chu Chu and Amities Memo

  7. B> Heart of Chu Chu and Amities Memo

  8. B> Heart of Chu Chu and Amities Memo

    1. Syn


      S> both for 5pds

  9. S> 0/0/35/45(?) Lame. PM offers and shiet

  10. S> 0/0/35/45(?) Lame. PM offers and shier

  11. S> 0/0/35/45(?) Lame. PM offers and shit

  12. B> Min-High Stat Aura Field

    1. InfamousDyna


      I have a few, I'll sell you the highest statted one I have

  13. B> Glide Divine. Plis

  14. B>Glide Divine and a Whitill minion that I can use to get a PWand. Please. I need you.

    1. SelahIsASpot


      i might have one of those whitill things.

  15. B> Brave Hammer, Glide Divine, and Kings Striker

    1. HHawk4


      i have a kings striker for sale, 1 pd.

    2. Lemurmen


      Gimme, I'll PM you

  16. B> Gifoie Merge. Contact me asappp

  17. B> Lieutenant Mantle 4slot, PM me

  18. Looking for someone to hunt Lame D'Argents with cuz ma skills aint strong enough

    1. ultrajerky


      i could help you alittle if you are on right now. but i might be logging soon

  19. LF> Glide Divine

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