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  1. Yeah I just need it to get to dark flow mode. I don't care about stats and as Girasoles are a bit rare atm I'm willing to overpay a little
  2. Paying 15dts / 99pds
  3. S> yas9k demons 80hit 50dts

  4. B> DM/DF 330dts + items pm me 

  5. Offering 330 dts for this. Depending on the stats I can throw in some of these items: Iron Faust 100/0/100/0|80 hit Master Sword 0/0/100/100|70 hit TypeSH/SHOT Hell 70 hit WD mid Yas 9k demons 80hit Hylian Shield Banana Cannon 0/0/25/30 Chromatic Orb PM me.
  6. S> 60pds for 8dts pm me

  7. Guess it's time to release the solution to the last riddle too then, huh. For those that didn't solve it yet, here it is: edit: Be sure to visit the link, btw. Cy left a present for everyone there.
  8. Yeah, didn't think such long passwords were possible. Anyway, grats
  9. What was the answer/prize? Tried 100 passwords nothing worked... lol
  10. S> 99pd for 12dts | S> TypeSH/Shot 70hit Hell 50dts | S> WD max 20dts

    1. R-78


      Still need the DTs?

  11. S> 99pd for 15dts | S> TypeSH/Shot 70hit Hell 50dts | S> WD min 10dts pm me

  12. So... that means there's good news to go along with the bad news?
  13. Just do Wrath of Forest first room on normal bluefull there's 15 rappies and the rare rappies drop hp mats
  14. No one made it to the end yet? Don't give up guys
  15. Close this topic please
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