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  1. Ugh not that post... I actually posted something pretty decent a few posts before that. Also, funny you should bring up sabs thread, what the fuck were you doing there then. Oh right, you're the best player on ultima, so you have the right to be everywhere and shit out your opinion on everything haha
  2. Yeah sorry about that bro. I'm still using my dark weapon so I can't sell it. I'm sure you'll find a deal with this thread though, what were you paying again? 10dts?
  3. Never seems to think before he opens his way too big mouth. Read a few posts back bro. You're again not right lol
  4. Deal with it bro you're not going to get a pgf with this thread. Now go whine in your corner.
  5. TL;DR Gimme PGF plz You want a tinfoil hat with that pgf?
  6. But Midori monopolized the mats game. If there was someone else with about the same supply as Midori selling for 10:1, onviously Midori would change his price. Or he'd have to buy all the 10:1 mats and sell them for 5:1 later. But you can't really compare these, dark weapons aren't monopolized by one entity. Many DW owners have just one dark weapon they are generally not trying to sell. So supply of dark weapons is extremely limited.
  7. It's simple supply and demand folks. More buyers (demand) results in higher priced items while more sellers (supply) results in lower priced items. You can't (no one can) blame this on the users of the economy. Sellers are just looking to get a fair price for their items. And buyers want to have the item. The question is: what is a fair price? What is the buyer prepared to pay? Obviously the majority of the people think that 300-500dts is not a fair price for dark weapons so something needs to be done. But because of the limited supply and the insane demand for dark weapons this is simply what the price is at this point. But that's not up to the users to fix. It's not our fault anyway that the item is so rare. (fyi: I paid 350dts of my hard earned dts for my dark flow)
  8. S>  HUNDRED SOULS [100/100/0/0|80] | IRON FAUST +18 [0/95/0/100|60] | YASMINKOV 9000M +10 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's] for steam pm me



  9. You're the one who should keep his mouth shut for once lol
  10. FYI the guy was kinda stalking sabrina. Also he's the one arguing.
  11. Didn't know you could buy food for dts
  12. If this is because of my topic, for the record, I'm selling for steam games and not gift cards.
  13. STEAM ONLY! PM me for a list of games, if you're interested in something. Obviously I'm selling this stuff for lower prices than normally in dts/pds due to the hassle involved. HUNDRED SOULS [100/100/0/0|80] YASMINKOV 9000M +10 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's] YASMINKOV 9000M +10 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's] TypeSH/SHOT +60 [0/0/0/0|70] [Hell] SLICER OF FANATIC +30 [0/0/30/35|80] ARREST NEEDLE +60 [0/0/30/40|30] MILLE MARTEAUX +12 [0/0/35/0|60] RED SWORD +52 [40/40/0/0|35] DRESS PLATE [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] HYLIAN SHIELD [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] Proof of Sonic Team PS: Soly said it's okay so no drama please.
  14. PM or post here if you want to buy something and I'll get back to you. ------------------------------------- Arrest Needle +60 [25/0/0/50|45] 40dts Arrest Needle +60 [0/0/30/40|30] 30dts Mille Marteaux +12 [0/0/35/0/60] 20dts Red Sword +52 [0/40/45/0|40] 99pds/12dts Red Sword +52 [40/40/0/0|35] 99pds/12dts Slicer of Fanatic +30 [0/0/40/30|30] 60pds/7dts Vivienne [0/0/30/35|35] 5pds Heaven Striker +20 [100/0/0/100|80] 100dts Ultima Reaper [35/0/0/0|0] 15pds Ultima Reaper +15 [100/0/0/100|80] 100dts Kroe's Sweater x2 15pds each Dress Plate 10dts From the Depths x2 20pds each Hylian Shield 18dts Virus Shield Vol Opt x2 10pds each ------------------------------------- Wants: Max Red Ring Dark Meteor Steam games/gift cards (PM me) ------------------------------------- Note: Prices are fixed prices. I don't care what the pds:dts rate is or should be, I value dts more than pds. My shop my prices. If you find this unfair and/or you can't help yourself but express your opinion or tears, please discuss this through PM or heck even the shoutbox, but not in this topic. Thanks.
  15. Can be closed, got one.
  16. Well nevermind my offer, got one.
  17. I use lavis blades but girasole is a tiny bit faster
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