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  1. Sure im there! where do we meet?
  2. Hello! i was following this mag guide http://www.ign.com/faqs/2005/phantasy-star-online-episode-i-ii-special-mags-and-perfect-stats-faq-647866 specificly the Racast guide which turns on a 100 lvl 5/50/45/0 mag which was the one i was aiming. I was making 4 mags at once and looking for 4 #4 special mags. One of them was about to lvl to 35 so change character to get the dessire mag and then swtich it back. When i logged back 3 mags were messed up completely. The mag that evolved to 35 went back to 34 and the other to went from Garuda to Kaitabha and some of dex stats went to Def, that happened to both.
  3. Hey guys first of all my in-game main character is Nash my guild number is 42155034 I was feeding 4 mags at the same time and before i leveled the Kalki (34) to lvl 35 i send it to bank and swtich to my ranger and then switch back to my main, all good there. When i logged back in with my main character all my mag stats were completely different and the kalki a level to 35 was again 34 lvl. The two Kaitabha evolved into Garuda and they both had 45dex and 5 Def and the Kalki evolved to Surya. Now the two Garudas somehow turn back into kaitabha and no longer have the 45 dex (which i need to make my special #4 mags) now the dex they lost went to Def and the Surya turn back to Kalki. I really don't know what happened there and i need help getting those stats back. I whish i had screenshots from before the bug but had no idea something like this would happen. This was about 10 minutes before i created this post.
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