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  1. a garanz launcher with a huge blast radius
  2. things like this are rare for me to encounter but this case in particular was a whole different story i mean is it so wrong to power level your character when you just made the required level to go into ep2 ultimate well to this guy its wrong i recommend you not join his rooms he will leave a very bad taste in your mouth 42157980 saddler hello 12:19:28 42152179 Zipp green and yellow 12:19:30 42152179 Zipp please leave 12:19:38 42155957 ArteomisA pipe 12:19:55 42152179 Zipp i will after these carry scrubs leave 12:20:23 42116703 Avenger what was that 12:20:26 42152179 Zipp go on avenger. take a crack at it 12:20:31 42152179 Zipp go try and hit one 12:20:52 42116703 Avenger i think you should go fuck off 12:21:11 42152179 Zipp i think you should know your tier expierence 12:21:21 42152179 Zipp level requirements are 135+ 12:21:38 42116703 Avenger quit being a elite prick 12:21:47 42152179 Zipp with you here we will be rezzing you more then killing boss. 12:21:54 42152179 Zipp everyone here knows this already 12:22:02 42116703 Avenger your free to leave zipp 12:22:09 42152179 Zipp its my room asswipe 12:22:19 42152179 Zipp you die 3 times you leave. deal? 12:22:29 42116703 Avenger go make a privite room asswipe 12:22:44 42152179 Zipp trying to mimic me? you fail 12:23:26 42116703 Avenger i bet you feel so good talking down to people do you 12:23:30 42152179 Zipp lol. 12:23:35 42152179 Zipp you are actually talking up 12:23:43 42152179 Zipp pretending you are actually suited for this episode 12:23:55 42116703 Avenger at leat im not a snob 12:24:22 42152179 Zipp lol. 12:24:29 42152179 Zipp thats the lamest thing ive heard since the 90s 12:24:33 42152179 Zipp say that again 12:25:10 42116703 Avenger 90s lol you are old fashion 12:25:19 42152179 Zipp in 12:25:20 42152179 Zipp now 12:26:05 42152179 Zipp sorry avenger. elitests only 12:26:10 42116703 Avenger have fun in your lonly world 12:26:21 42152179 Zipp no carrys for you today son 12:26:35 42116703 Avenger i have a right to play ass wipe 12:26:42 42152179 Zipp and now you play the fool the moral of this is "if you find an asswipe like this don't join his room he doesn't deserve it"
  3. are skins broken?

    i tried the npc command and the first time the character would not load in the lobby so i went to my hucast and tried another skin and it crashed my game and now my frustration has peaked so i said fuck it!!!!