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  1. 23 minutes ago, JupiterDeMars said:

    The ATA boosts would make kroe sweater and godric cloak obsolete. And then, the one with 20 ATA no longer has any reason to exist if it can have 30 ATA at the price of one more halo soul

    i d'prefer a tiny ATA buff of kroe sweater rather than making sta even more broken

    I know, as I mentioned, they are just examples :rf-08:

  2. Hey everybody what is going on? Riva here :rf-03: 

    What would you think of implementing the Costumes in STA? As we well know, the STA does not have design/animation, so it would be spectacular if they made costumes for it, just like the RR has, and for each costume to have something special, what do you think (? It also doesn't have to be with halo rappy soul, it could be with another more difficult item to get...

    The costumes could vary and there is a lot to offer, I have these in mind:

    STA+Halo rappy soul (Or a new item harder to get)=Gravity Costume (Metroid reference XD)

    Gravity costume= ATA+20 EVP+20

    Gravity Suit Costume+Halo rappy soul (Or a new item harder to get)=Alva Armor Costume (Dark souls reference)

    Alva Armor Costume= Tech Boost
    : Shifta 100% Deband: 100% Resta: 75%
                                              Stat Boost: All+30
                                              Notes: Slowly drains HP over time when equipped

    These are just two examples of what can be a great idea! just think about it :3



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  3. 53 minutes ago, TKDmoe said:

    I have same issue with Frozen Faust but my lag/frame rate is like 10x worse than yours lol xD

    Cant imagine that XD

    51 minutes ago, Kotta said:

    So It has nothing to do with whether It's a good computer or not :onion-head81:


    In my experience, It has to do with the Blizzard Special's particle that appears at the center of a monster when It hits It, whether the special works or not. I believe 1-target Blizzard Is not so bad, but when It's countless monsters around, It's when It happens, the frame drops. Personally, It used to be a thing among Banana cannon users; now Idk what happened, people don't use Its special so frequently.... (maybe they had the frame drop Issue as well? :rf-08:).



    A few have appeared who say that this does not happen to them, and I really don't know, maybe it's a game thing. But it's a shame because I can't enjoy my weapons 100% :( 

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  4. Hey everybody what is going on? Riva here. And I come to present a problem that I have had for a long time when using the special "blizzard" 

    I just made a video where I detail the problem with blizzard.

    (Please, watch it) It should be noted that I have already tried different configurations, I even installed a vanilla version of pso without mods or anything, and the problem persisted. It should also be noted that it is not a problem with my PC, since my PC is quite good (without bragging) :rf-08:And seeing that more people have this problem, I took the liberty of creating this post so that they can comment if this problem also occurs to them and If you solved it, tell me how you did it!

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  5. 16 hours ago, beebopn said:



    I'm unable to log into old account that was signup via Facebook back in 2014 since there seems to be something wrong with the facebook signup link. Is there anyway to link that old account to this one instead?

    Many pages are having this error that you cannot log in through facebook, I recommend you do it manually.

  6. 12 hours ago, Bendymin said:

    Yo can I buy the 

    Yasminkov 2000H +10 [0/0/0/35|75] [Hell]>>40 DTS
    Hundred Souls [0/0/70/0|40]>>40 DTS?

    Ill be on tomorrow around 3:00pm pacific coast time in the evening that ok?

    Of course I can be at that time, just let me know

  7. 11 hours ago, Bendymin said:

    Yo can I buy the 

    Yasminkov 2000H +10 [0/0/0/35|75] [Hell]>>40 DTS
    Hundred Souls [0/0/70/0|40]>>40 DTS?

    Ill be on tomorrow around 3:00pm pacific coast time in the evening that ok?

    Sure man!!! 

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