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David Shum

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    Playing guitar and skating with my friends. Anything to get out of the house... Don't do drugs kids.

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  1. eh forget it ill just recreate this character, if thats fine.
  2. Feeding my Mag, the feels of hours wasted :o

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    2. Trigunman


      Has the concept of multi-tasking within the game become a lost idea? I always go hit up a quest like WoF or just go slaughter monsters while I feed mags... I usually end up finding alot of mag food in the process. XD

    3. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      eat food while you're at it

    4. David Shum

      David Shum

      There's something about just feeding dat mag though. haha

  3. I second this haha and thanks trigunman will do.
  4. Oh sweet, it'd be great to play with you!
  5. Name: David Awesome Sauce, just kidding.. I wish Age: 16 Preferred contact method: Skype if you have the feels Hobbies: I like to play guitar, collect shoes, skate with my buddies and dancing Picture: Dat profile picture A little more about your self: I'm a casual gamer, ha derp It'd be nice to play with all you people at one point
  6. So around 11 AM I was playing in a room of 4. I was disconnected and kept getting the no.100 error which is fine. Then the game crashed and all my items became XXX and unusable. I had no rare items at all, just some noobie stuff, but I did have my mag and such. It's my slot 1 character. Is it because the force close? I'm so confused. Please help, sorry I had no before pictures :/ Didn't honestly think it would happen. If it's just an error and it'll come back randomly please tell me. If you guys could delete the one i posted in the Portuguese section, it was an accident :/
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