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  1. First off I'm hurt that I'm casted into the category of the forgotten cause we all know how awesome I am xD~ Secondly, don't leave Kure-Ji just ignore the haters and keep kicking butt~ I barely played one game with you T_T... Plus Kaihatsu has the coolest flag on the server LOL... Next to that brown thing I forget what its called.
  2. cyTO

    random art

    lol Not really critiquing you cause you definitely can draw a lot better than I can (something about faces and hair I can draw like perfect bodies and stuff but once I get up there X_X) but yeah just saying since it totally makes clean looking finish products, but the again you said some of these were incomplete and etc. But yeah you and Kure-Ji are very talented at drawing xD~
  3. cyTO

    random art

    Very nice pictures Miku, only word of advise I have though is when you put your drawings on the computer to color you should do layers and if you don't use the eraser method to select the area you want to color and feather it a bit so you don't get those white lines and to vector the image in illustrator before hand so that you can resize it and everything with out pixelating. Also vectoring the imagine before hand gives you the ability to fix lines and curves and will just be a much cleaner out come.
  4. Would've totally helped a like week ago xD... Thanks for typing till your fingers bled though~
  5. Sure thing thanks~ I'm making my character atm...
  6. Hey everyone I'm totally new to PSO series, had a fun time messing around with PS0 for DS so I decided to google for private servers for PSOBB and found this server, hope to see you all soon~ Help and advice is appreciated, also if you see me being a total noob feel free to tell me how to get better (Probably going to make a FOnewm...)
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