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Level 200 Mag Stat Bars

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Hey everyone, so I would like to discuss and see if anyone has any idea or info on this.

Whenever you bank or change blocks with a level 200 mag after all stats on the bars have reached .99 (stops at .99 because it can’t level anymore) the stats go back down. For example, let’s say you have a Level 200 Mag and on the mag reader you see these stats;

Def 5.99 Power 150.99 DEX 45.99 Mind 0.99. You then put the Mag in the bank, and take it out and you see that the DEX and Mind have dropped to 45.96 and 0.96.

Ive played with mags and have managed to get a number of them to stay at .98, where if you feed it a star atomizer there is no change in the bars (they are all filled up completely). At the moment I have a mag where Dex and mind are both .96, I’ll feed a star atomizer so they both go to .99 (+.03) and after banking it and taking it back out it drops back down to .96. So I’m trying to play with using sol atomizers to drop dex and mind and then feed star atomizers to try and get them both to stay at .98.

Does anyone know if there’s a system or calculation in the game that I can follow to get them precisely to stay at .98 more easily?


Whats interesting is I’ve had stats land on .99, and then drop to .98 (the bar is full) but other time I’ve landed on exactly .99 and then drop back down to like .96 or whatever it was before hitting .99.

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5 minutes ago, MBogdanovic94 said:


Here’s an example, as you can see I have this Tellusis in my bank with all bars completely filled and when I take this out the numbers on mag reader stay as .98 (you can see an example of this in my mag reader with the 171/29 Tellusis). But that Soniti in my mag reader, if let’s say I give it a star atomizer and bring that dex and mind from .96 to .99 bank it then take it back out they drop back to .96.


Ive fixed this before on many other mags where for example I’d feed a sol or moon atomizer to drop stats and then bring them back up using star atomizers. But I wonder if anyone knows about any specific rules or coding the game uses regarding this?

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3 hours ago, ink said:

 As far as i am aware it will all ways round down to a even number , so the answer is no

I've been able to get a lot of mags to have the .98 on the stats even after banking, so I am going to try and play with them so they land exactly on .98 and see what happens. I was asking cause sometimes I have had the stats land exactly on .99, or even to .00 (stops at .99 though, for example if the stat is at .97 and I feed a star atomizer which is plus .03 it would go to .00 if it was under level 200 and get a level but stops at .99) then after banking it the stat goes to .98. That's why I was wondering if there was something else in the game that determines that xD


When I get home later today I'm gonna play around the feeding again, just wondering if maybe a GM or game coder knows anything that maybe I am missing as to how this works XD

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1 hour ago, Soly said:

I'll have to double check this adjustment of the bank data, if the values come back after changing blocks, it most likely is not happening.

 i presumed it works like that so you can trade feed change evolutions perhaps?

If the mag fully retains it value will this stop evolution?

Be interested to know ty

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23 hours ago, ink said:



Has it stayed the stats after logging on off or banking taking out ?

It has :) I had to keep using sol atomizers to drop the dex and mind then use star atomizers to land EXACTLY on .98 lol…

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