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My last PGF for trade


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Ok, since im not playing a lot like before i decided to trade my other PGF

BUT, for this one is a must one of these itens at last, better chance if 2 or more :D

HS 40+hit

Guld hit

Guld Milla Hit

Exca 40+hit




Ok, will post in spanish section so plz check for updates

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Ok, I'm gonna try and make an offer lol :

1X DAYLIGHT SCAR+25 0/0/0/0/30%


1X celled mag lvl 200 (5/140/55/0)

1X Cent/abillity

1X DARK FLOW 0/0/0/0 ( so basicly u get a pgf in return and extra stuff XD Just to lazy to sphere it)

added : 99X PDs

U can always check out my tradelist : My List if u are intrested in other things ;)

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how about 3 ps + wedding dress + BKB + Mercurious Rod?

Diz me se preciso de subir mais nem e que precise mas quero esse pgf xd

(e podes sempre trocar o wedding pelas coisas que queres :P)

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Sunny tiene stats la bkb?

El mercurio ya lo tengo del ultimo trade con Sig, tienes alguna exca sin hit o con poco hit?

Wedding y 3 PS estan bien haver las ofertas hasta mañana

Magd your list only like Exca and BKB whats stats?

HINT The most wanted / Los q mas quiero

Wedding Dress Sunny

DarkFlow no stats O_o lol Chuck

HS 40+hit Rosetta

Guld hit ???

Guld Milla Hit ???

Exca 40+hit ???

TJS ???

PSs Sunny

PDs 20 Rosetta 99 Chuck

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