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Episode 1 C9 Walk though


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Area  41

The Force should drop a Mag here so the others can activate the light switch in the next area. The Force should take the lower-left teleport for the boxes while the others take the lower-right teleport.




Area 42

Ideally, you'll want to have 3 player take the left teleport and 1 take the right.

The left teleport will allow faster access to the next area, while the right one requires that you break through some rubble.

Both sides should step only on the left switches as the right switches activate traps.
The teleport transport you to the middle of the room with boxes; however, taking it will also activate the foie traps present.

If you're going to take the teleport, first destroy the boxes with a gun and then take the teleport so you'll have a clear shot at the traps.




Area 43

Stepping on the switch pad here will activate 4 foie traps.

Be aware that a zonde trap will activate once a player activates the fourth switch.

The player standing on the switch pad should move close to the locked door after the 3rd switch has been activated; this will put the player out of the zonde trap's range.




Area 44


1 player should stand on the switch while a player with a gun should goes to the west, and 2 the other two go to the east.

The player that went west should go to the east and help the other 2 after activating the switch.
You'll hear an error sound when you activate the switch here; ignore it.

Do not activate the other switch as it'll shut off the lights.
Destroying the boulders will allow access to boxes; be aware that there are ceiling traps present.

The boxes on the central platform are accessed by clearing the area to the north - It's probably not worth the trouble.
There are also a whole lotta foie traps in the west boulder room. The ceiling trap is in the same area as the boxes between the boulder are.




Area 45

The yellow dot on the map is a light switch.
The team has to make a decision here.

The four switches here require a total of 8 weapons and 8 shields. Activating each switch will also activate foie traps.

Getting the required 8 weapons probably won't be a problem, but the 8 shields may be. Sacrificing a shield that you have equipped is risky, as Dark Falz can 1-hit kill a Hucast w/o any tech resistance.

If you have the required number of items w/o giving up what you have equipped, take the shortcut.

Otherwise, unless you have a time of under 30 minutes at this point, it's probably a better idea to pass.

A great time is worth taking the risk, a so-so time isn't.



Area 46

Dark Falz , Spinning tops , First form and Second form only .


Credit Psoworld


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