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Leaving player after quite some time


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After playing here on and off again for the past 7 or so years, I have decided to fully move over to Ephinea's server. I kinda feel their more vanilla approach appeals to me more. Also, the stronger weapons make me plow through most enemies with relative ease, which gets a tad boring to be over time.


Because of this decision I'd like to offer a somewhat unconventional trade, since I'm offering my stuff here for stuff on Ephinea.


If people are interested in this offer I can supply you with a list of what I have to offer on this server. For Ephinea, I'm looking for mostly HUcaseal stuff.


Just let me know. And a wholehearted goodbye to all of you ❤️

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Sad to see you go, I totally understand some of your reasonings. I myself find myself playing almost all versions of PSO except for Dreamcast really (it's just not good). Give it some time and enjoy the vanilla meta, but Ultima will still be here. There's things I love about both (I could write forever about this so I'll just leave it at that) metas and they're obviously very different. Good luck finding that trade though. It's pretty much a non-existent market.

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Kinda sad to leave, tbh. It's just, I've got a kid on the way (wife's 8 months pregnant) and my gaming time will be severely cut because of that. Considering the games I feel like playing, I just want to put my PSOBB in one place as much as possible, basically (I also pre-ordered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and just bought The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, so I have PLENTY to play, hehe).


It just feels like the right thing to do, especially since I feel Ephinea is more what I want my PSO experience to be. Thanks for your message :)

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