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Why not share my good old OGG pack ?


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Hello there,


Long ago I made an ogg pack for my own useage on schtserv and I see no reason not to share in case some of my tracks ideas interest people, I find some of them very fitting :>

Here's a link : http://gazou51.free.fr/ogg.zip

Here's a list :

General :

-Lobby : Sanctuary - Kingdom hearts II
-Pioneer : Oath of union - Tales of Vesperia
-Shop : Alpha Beta Gaga - Air
-Infirmerie : Refill - Tales of Symphonia
-Hunter's guild : The best is yet to come - Metal Gear Solid

Episode 1 :

-Principal : SeeD - Final Fantasy 8
-Forest : The archylte Steppe - Final Fantasy 13
-Dragon : Saber's edge - Final Fantasy 13
-Caves : Many-storied building of sand - Baten Kaitos
-De rol le : Blinded by light - Final Fantasy 13
-Mine : Echoes - Metroid Prime
-Vol opt#1 : Still more fighting - Final Fantasy 7
-Vol opt#2 : Force your way - Final Fantasy 8
-Ruins : Derris Kharlan~requiem - Tales of Symphonia
-Falz#2/3 : Sad monster - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
-Falz#4 : Unite, descend - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Episode 2 :

-Temple : Find your way - Final Fantasy 8
-Da ra lie : Monster's dance ~rondo~ - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
-Spaceshift : Heretic, hero - Halo 2
-Gol dragon : Against the dark knight - Fire emblem : path of radiance
-Gal gryphon : Dark messenger - Final Fantasy 9
-Seabed upper/lower levels : Metroid data-selection - Metroid prime
-Olga flow#1 : Battle theme - Super Smash Brothers Brawl
-Olga flow#2 : Final Battle - Super Smash Brothers Brawl

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Let me know what you think (like real citicism), I'm sure there's track I should replace since they are dated and stuff like NieR Automata happened since then :D

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