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Figured I would put out there some items that I have no particular use for me but could help others. Happy shopping. Pm me for clarification, purchases, etc, and I can make deals if you want to buy mult items. Thanks :)



Justy -23ST+5 0/25/0/0/25 (1pd)

L&K14 combat 30 hit (1pd)

Charge gatling 40 hit

devils raygun 35/00/30/40


soul banish 0/50/0/0

partisan of lightning 10/15/0/0

yamigurasu 25/25/0/40 

Frozen shooters 35 hit 

Daylight Scar

psycho wand 0/15/20/0/20

Izmaela (3pd)

Demolition Comet 0/30/0/0/20 (1pd)

vivienne+4 0/0/0/5/15 (1pd)

Agito 1975 real (1pd)

clio 0/30/40/0 (3pd)

Guard wave, sacred cloth, Blue odoshi violet nimaidou, electro frame, alliance uniform (any for 1 pd)



Cent Ability (5pd)

Cure freeze

Cure confuse

perfect resist


Level 15 techs

Gibarta, Zonde, Razonde

Level 20 techs

Rabarta, Rafoie, Gifoie, Resta 

Level 26+ techs

Barta 29

Foie 29

Gifoie 29

Rabarta 29

Razonde 29

Jellen 29

Zalure 29

Deband 28

Shifta 28

Resta 30

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