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Item names glitching

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Guild Card Number: 42006221

For some reason, every equipment item I have is showing the wrong names. Not only on my characters, but in my bank, in my common bank, and even new things that drop. This seems to affect all weapons, armor, units, and mags, on at least the characters in slots #1 and #2; I didn't test the other two slots yet. It's simply the item names, mind you; every item I've tested seems to have the proper appearance, stats, and function within the game.

So far I have tried to re-log several times, and have twice done a clean install of the version 3.4 client from the link posted here:


Everything seems to install and update properly. I'm starting to wonder if there's just a typo in one of the game files hosted on that link.

I *can* play normally, since everything still seems to work right. It's still quite disconcerting to be looking for my Mille Marteaux or Heaven Striker or something, though, and have to take EVERY item with a gun icon own to the planet and scroll through them to find what I want. Not to mention, if the items keep the wrong names when transfering to another player, I'm going to get complaints with every trade- to say nothing about accusations of selling hacked items.

Here's some screenshots of random items I checked. Note not only the difference between the weapons in my hand and what the inventory says is equipped, but also the weapon type symbol next to a few of them- who knew that Akiko's Frying Pan was a gun? :P





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If you use a language that is not english in the launcher, please select english as the other languages are outdated.

If first didn't work or was already in english

This should solve if you start the launcher as admin.
Go to your PSOBB data folder

Ex: D:\Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst\data

and locate 2 files

Follow these steps

  • Backup unitxt_j.prs
  • Delete unitxt_j.prs
  • Rename unitxt_e.pat to unitxt_j.prs
  • Start the game until it patches, then start the game again and verify you have the correct names
  • ???
  • Profit... i mean delete the backup of unitxt_j.prs (if you made any)
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So I am currently experiencing this after reinstalling the game. Went to look for the files in psobb ultima/ data and I found unitxt j unitxt e pat seems to be missing. Everytime I reinstall it remembers that I was the one to log in b4 and it remembers my custom hotkeys. And evertime I reinstall I grab a new copy of ultima from the psobb ultima site. also would like to Nota that my game says illegal characters in path on startup game still says I'm in Valentines everytime I load ep4 desert I dc

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