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MAG bugged out, gained DEF, lost DEX

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Hi, Cyanide told me to report this bug here. I have a Bhirava MAG, currently at level 82. The weirdest thing happened about 2 days ago. I logged in to find my MAG gained 2 DEF, and lost 5 DEX (It was at 50). Not a huge bug, but it does affect the stats I wanted to give it. I am hoping you can fix it, or otherwise reset the DEF to 5. Thanks!

G card: 42153486 Character slot 1.

EDIT: I feed my MAG Sol Atomizers and Monomates.

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I am using the Rati guide on PSO World. I fed my MAG Antidotes until level 35, then Antiparalysis until level 50. After level 50 I fed my MAG more Antidotes until my DEX was 50. I then used Sol Atomizers to raise POW and DEF, but used Monomates to drop DEF and raise POW, effectively only raising POW and keeping DEF at 5. My plan is to raise a 5/145/50/0 Rati.

Is that what you meant?

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